Key benefits of using Microsoft Azure for enterprises Key benefits of using Microsoft Azure for enterprises

Why enterprises are embracing Microsoft Azure cloud technologies

Why enterprises are embracing Microsoft Azure cloud technologies
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Often organizations spend too much time and money on support, maintenance and administration of legacy infrastructure. They struggle to scale on-premises environments and realize that operating conventional disaster recovery solutions is incurring heavy costs. If you are also facing such issues, then it is time for you to migrate your operations to the cloud.

Microsoft Azure provides cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) to businesses from diverse industries. Azure can facilitate your enterprise with rapid development, deployment and management of applications without purchasing any infrastructure. This cloud computing service is integrated with all Microsoft products, so it can address security and compliance needs of your company.

Moreover, you can also customize the cloud resources according to your business model to gain result-driven outcomes. And if you already have a Microsoft infrastructure, Azure will be compatible with your existing software and applications.

Several benefits of adopting Azure cloud for your organization include cost reduction, greater flexibility, effortless management, etc. Moving over to Azure cloud enables every organization to build innovative solutions and outstanding digital workplaces, irrespective of its business size and domain.

Though there are various providers you can choose from while planning for a cloud migration, it is always better to choose a reliable Azure cloud migration. Azure supports numerous programming languages, frameworks, operating systems, databases and devices. This capability allows enterprises to build their applications conveniently using tools and technologies.

Key benefits of using Microsoft Azure:

We have already covered a few benefits of using Microsoft Azure in our previous blog – Do you know why migration to the Azure cloud is crucial for your business?

Read more to understand why migration to Azure cloud is need of the hour:

1. Hybrid cloud capabilities

Azure provides unmatched hybrid capabilities to cloud providers. Due to its hybrid services, it holds the potential to provide a reliable and stable platform between on-premises and public cloud. Azure increases usability and performance and makes it easy to migrate applications and data by providing a wide range of hybrid functionalities, like:

  • VPNs
  • File sharing
  • Monitoring
  • Content delivery networks (CDN)
  • Point-to-point connectivity

2. Analytics

Azure possesses strong analytical and reporting features that provide useful insights and help to monitor the platform. Azure also provides you with the following capabilities:

  • SQL and NoSQL data services
  • Built-in support for deeper insights
  • Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)
  • Machine learning
  • Bots
  • Cognitive APIs

With these capabilities, you gain valuable insights that improve your business processes and facilitate decision-making.

The global cloud computing market size is expected to grow from USD 445.3 billion in 2021 to USD 947.3 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 16.3%. – MarketsandMarkets

3. Integrations

Azure contains a library of out-of-the-box integrations that supports the creation of applications. It includes numerous Microsoft tools and non-Microsoft applications like ServiceNow. You can use Azure Logic Apps to build workflows to:

  • Take full advantage of these integrations
  • Work at scale and high speed
  • Deliver well-built digital workplace solutions

4. Complete compliance coverage

Microsoft follows some of the most thorough security and compliance standards. They have maximum global compliance certificates and were the first to get the new international standard for cloud privacy, ISO 27018. They have an inbuilt compliance control due to which Azure cloud users can easily create, deploy and implement compliant environments with mandatory rules and guidelines.

5. Easy disaster recovery and backup

The volume of data is constantly increasing at a very high pace. Thus, managing and securing data has become more complicated for IT officials. Microsoft Azure enables users to backup virtual machines, SQL workload and on-premises VMware to streamline the data recovery and backup processes. Microsoft has built-in disaster recovery tools to help users keep their crucial applications running while lessening the downtime.

6. Identity and access management (IAM)

With the Azure Active Directory service, Microsoft provides identity and access management capabilities. It helps you to allow the right users to access the relevant information. IAM capabilities help you minimize the costs associated with identity management and make your organization more agile for better innovations in business.

Start your cloud migration with Microsoft Azure

Many Fortune 500 companies across the globe are using Microsoft Azure to run their business. Choosing Azure gives you access to the best-in-class security and ability to meet compliance requirements. Migrating to Microsoft Azure holds countless benefits for your organization.

Azure is cost-effective, flexible and a highly preferred solution for businesses looking to expand and stay ahead of the market competition. Many organizations have already chosen Azure cloud-based business solutions and are experiencing excellent business performance. Therefore, you must have an appropriate strategy that suits your business model to leverage the benefits of Microsoft Azure. To know more about how Azure cloud migration would benefit your business, talk to our experts.

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