AWS IoT Platform - a long-awaited IoT Platform by Amazon AWS IoT Platform - a long-awaited IoT Platform by Amazon

Amazon enters the IoT platform market with AWS IoT

Amazon enters the IoT platform market with AWS IoT
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IoT is all about the devices that are connected to the Internet to perform various processes and services that store lots of data. Currently, cloud computing is used as a platform to access IoT (Internet of Things). To connect multiple devices through the Internet of Things, it requires a remote system, in short, the more things that are connected through the Internet, the more people will use cloud based services. That is the reason cloud and the IoT are tightly connected with each other.

IoT will transform all cloud services in the market today. On the other hand, IoT will not be able to evolve without a strong ecosystem of cloud services. – Kurt Jonckheer

One of the most popular brands in the tech world, Amazon already has cloud based services known as Amazon Web Services, which provides low-cost, scalable, and highly reliable infrastructure platform in the cloud. At the Amazon re:Invent event the company has launched its IoT service, called “AWS IoT”, which helps their clients to build applications and devices that are connected via the Internet of Things.

As per Amazon, this newly launched service will be the connecting platform for vehicles, health care systems, factory floors and household gadgets with cloud services. Amazon’s CTO Werner Vogels said at its re: Invent event held in the US that, “The first version of the service was ready to use from earlier this month.”

The authorities also said that their cloud connection will be fast & lightweight, that clearly means that it will be ideal for low-powered devices that have very limited memory and/or battery life.

One question that might come in your mind is that, why did Amazon need to launch AWS IoT?

As per Gartner’s market research, Internet oriented devices will reach more than $1.9 trillion in value by 2020, and most importantly, big giants like, Google, Intel, or Cisco are already in the market who invest billions on the technology that helps them take a share of ROI in the near future. The competition among the market lead Amazon to launch IoT services.

Connected devices can effortlessly & securely get interacted with cloud applications and other devices. This technology is capable of supporting billions of gadgets and trillions of messages, also able to process and route those messages to AWS endpoints and to other gadgets reliably and securely. With this new launch your applications can keep communicating and tracking through all your devices, even if they are not connected.

Using AWS IoT people will be able to use other AWS services such as Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Machine learning, AWS Lambda, Amazon s3 and Amazon Dynamo DB to develop IoT apps that collect, process, analyze and act on data generated by connected devices, where there is no need to manage any infrastructure.

Now let’s see what Amazon includes in AWS IoT

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The AWS IoT service offers a platform of standardized cloud services that businesses usually require, no matter which type of IoT scenario they are targeting. The reason for providing these potentials is people can focus on individualization of their connected devices, apps and IoT services for their customers. It also gives powers to applications that analyze processes and act on IoT data on global scale.

With the latest technology cars, turbines, sensors grids, light bulbs and more devices can be connected to AWS services so that companies can store, process and analyze and act on the volumes of data generated by connected devices on a global scale. AWS IoT also offers an SDK that makes it stress-free for developers to use Amazon’s IoT functionalities from connected devices, and also from mobile & web applications.

“Starter Kits” provided by AWS IoT are inserted with the AWS IoT Device SDK and offer connectivity to AWS IoT out of the box. You can visit Amazon IoT for more details.

Amazon’s AWS IoT Starter Kits are designed to help accelerate cloud-powered prototype development of connected devices and connect securely to “AWS IoT”.

What AWS IoT customers can do?

  • Connect and manage your devices
  • Secure device connections and data
  • Process and act upon device data
  • Read and set device state at any time

Key Features of AWS IoT

  • AWS IoT Device SDK
  • Device Gateway
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Registry
  • Device Shadows
  • Rules Engine

According to Marco Argenti (Vice President, Mobile and IoT, AWS), “The promise of the Internet of Things is to make everyday products smarter for consumers, and for businesses to enable better, data-driven offerings that weren’t possible before. World-leading organizations like Philips, NASA JPL, and Sonos already use AWS services to support the back-end of their IoT applications.”
Generally, people like to pay what they use, so with AWS IoT their need will be satisfied, because AWS IoT services will be based on how many “messages” are sent between a device and the cloud, along with 250,000 free messages per month for 12 months. Amazon believes that customers like to pay for what they use, so there are no minimum charges for using AWS IoT service.
In the coming years, the IoT will become a daily reality for most of us & Amazon already looks assured to become one of the key players in a market.

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