Smart Aquaponics - IoT-enabled aquaponics solution with BI capabilities

Smart Aquaponics Solution – A solution for fish farming & vegetable plantation at commercial scale

Smart Aquaponics Solution – A solution for fish farming & vegetable plantation at commercial scale
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As the world population continues to grow, so does the need for clean water and high-yielding farmland. Unfortunately, these resources are limited, and their demand is particularly high in underdeveloped as well as in developed countries especially in cities. Over time, individuals and businesses are looking for more efficient ways to produce food for human consumption that saves space and water.

IoT controlled and monitored aquaponics system provides the opportunity to produce fish and vegetables for human consumption in a highly efficient and sustainable ecosystem thus solving problems of limited farmlands and optimum use of water. Well-controlled and monitored filtered water provides healthy fish and quality vegetables.

The IoT Solution aims to create a remote monitoring system to produce vegetables and fish for consumption. Not only does the system work without any wastewater production, but also provides feedback and control of the biological components so that any serious problems can be detected, reported and displayed on a user interface.

Our Solution:

Smart Aquaponics is an IoT-enabled aquaponics solution with BI capabilities, useful to farmers, academic, commercial, family and individuals who are using such a system. The unfavorable conditions for plants as well as fishes can be identified by monitoring various parameters of water like pH level, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, ammonium, temperature, water level, and so on. This IoT-based solution not only identifies the above parameters but also helps to forecast the aquaponics water requirement, aquaponics poor condition and vegetables & fish productivity. We can even control the water and oxygen level of aquaponics by simply using the mobile app controls.


  • Dashboard to view real-time monitoring various KPIs i.e. oxygen, pH, toxins and turbidity level
  • Smart rules to trigger alerts based on water quality parameters threshold limit
  • Notifications through email, push notifications
  • Manage aquaponics locations
  • Manage aquaponics devices

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