Racana - Electronics File Management System for Enterprise Racana - Electronics File Management System for Enterprise

Racana – Electronic File Management System for Enterprise

Shifting to a browser and mobile-based document management is a strategic business decision that fine-tunes with the requirement and the ability of today’s workforce to work remotely on a wide-range of devices. An electronic file management system, better known as a document management system provides a framework for managing, updating, retrieving and distributing all digital as well as paper documents in one place.
Salient features of Racana

  • File delivery
  • Digital annotation
  • Access & storage
  • Group & user control
  • Cloud storage
  • File security and more

Racana offers a suite of powerful tools and benefits such as stamps, digital signature, offline access, group control, drawing tools, editing tools, and more that can improve collaboration, productivity, and security. Moreover, with Racana you can store your files and documents in various file formats on major cloud platforms. So, if you are looking to develop the document management system for your organization, get in touch with our experts.

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