App Modernization for scalability in Management Consulting Industry App Modernization for scalability in Management Consulting Industry

Customer Background

Being a leading management consulting service provider, the client offers a broad spectrum of services to heavy industries such as transportation, aerospace, mining, chemical and steel production. To help businesses work more effectively, the client provides comprehensive services to their customers. Their services include strategic planning, organizational development, and digital and operational transformation.

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    Management consulting

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Legacy application modernization has become essential for enterprises to meet the modern needs of customers. One of our client’s customers is a fleet management company that transports various goods around the United States. Hence, to keep tabs on driver performance, fuel consumption, company revenue and other KPIs, they were using an application built on the Microsoft ASP.NET 4.5 framework.

The old version of the framework limited the company’s ability to scale its business processes. It also made it difficult to keep up with the changing landscape. The reasons why the legacy app needed to be modernized are as follows:

  • Complex source code written with hardcoded conditions
  • Lack of technical expertise due to the small in-house development team
  • Risky traditional development and higher maintenance requirements


As the end client was using a legacy app built using outdated technology, they were only able to add limited capabilities. Therefore, they were looking for a modern solution to make the app more agile and efficient. So, after a thorough consultation, our team of experts suggested that the end client’s app required a highly resilient digital ecosystem to remove old redundancies.

Based on the assessment, the team crafted a migration strategy for refactoring outdated server-side code and business logic with modern code and logic. The migration process involved three stages:

  • Migrating the server-side code: The compatibility of the existing application or the newly developed application on .NET MVC 5.2.7.
  • Transferring the existing data to the cloud: Aiming for a seamless and smooth data migration to copy the current Oracle data to the cloud.
  • Updating the framework to include reporting: Reaping the advantages of modern technologies to add the new report upload feature without downtime.

The app modernization solution designed by our team of .NET experts utilizes best practices to power the end client’s vision of a highly scalable app. Our approach allows them to preserve the functionality and interfaces of the existing application while moving towards a foundation for future modernization. It helps them to get real-time insights and keep an eye on some additional fleet management and driver performance KPIs. Furthermore, our solution also allows them to receive constant technology upgrades, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition.


  • Provides real-time insights
  • Allows to cut business costs
  • Increases driver productivity
  • Efficiently execute daily operations
  • Helps to increase revenue streams
  • Enables to scale of the application

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