Pharmaceuticals & life sciences analytics services

Optimize manufacturing processes and improve medical treatment effectiveness

Pharmaceuticals & life sciences analytics services

Why pharmaceuticals and life sciences analytics services matter

The modern pharmaceutical industry is facing increasing regulatory oversight, recurring patent cliff, decreasing research and development productivity, challenges in growth and profitability and the effects of digitalization in the value chain. Pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations depend greatly on data to make decisions on product planning as well as positioning.

By generating a variety of data – machine data from servers, data from websites, data from sensors and IoT wearable devices, voice logs from call centers, social data from Facebook and Twitter, communication data from e-mails and more, and big data analytics is performed. With the help of advanced data science technologies and generated data, pharmaceutical companies derive insightful business decisions.

How we helped our pharma client using data analytics

There are several data sources such as physician notes, hospital data records, clinical trial systems, social media, sales and marketing databases, research data, claims data, and more. Data intelligence and analytics services, integrates these data to give you lucrative decision-making capabilities.

Leveraging AI and advanced analytics, companies can drive insightful decisions for various business aspects ranging from product planning, designing, manufacturing to clinical trials in order to improve collaboration, information sharing, productivity, cost optimization and more.

How can the pharma and life science industry benefit with data science

  • Identify new trends to improve new product planning and workflow efficiency.
  • Effectively manage the sales force and optimize marketing, retail, and profits.
  • Helps in compliance and regulatory intelligence for drug development.
  • Make effective cross-functional decisions, increasing market share and boosting positive business results.
  • Reduce the time from drug development to marketing.

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