Network optimization

Make network operations more intelligent, automated, and efficient.

Network optimization

Delivering network optimization

Telecom service providers require true end-to-end visibility to manage and optimize network performance. With unique functionalities such as automated remedial actions and performance prediction powered by machine learning, telecom companies can optimize the entire network. It helps them in making automation an imperative function for better network planning and connectivity. Network optimization ensures that systems run in a robust and performant state without threats. By comparing the results of incoming data about network efficiency within the entire network powered by pattern recognition, they can determine how their actual networking compares to optimal levels. Moreover, machine learning helps operators to detect anomalies by providing greater visibility into the normal operation of their networks.

Measuring KPIs for network self-optimization

Machine learning helps organizations to optimize network performance KPIs and KQIs and give network engineers a real-time view of the entire network. It enables them with seamless network orchestration and management across the entire network. AI techniques help them to achieve efficient service optimization against an ever increasing demand for data services across heterogeneous networks. Moreover, it also enables them to integrate capacity planning and optimization into the control layer of the software defined network, facilitating network self-optimization.

Machine learning powered by data intelligence ensures the delivery of predictive and real time insights as well as automation to ensure that the network is always performing at the optimal level and is delivering reliable and effective service to customers. It enables companies to obtain true end-to-end visibility of their entire network, and to match overall capacity and business demands.

Benefits of network performance reports powered by machine learning

  • Engineers can reduce investigation times, instead focusing on actually fixing the issue
  • Correlate these with network faults and customer experience data
  • Rapidly identify performance issues across all services
  • Receive alerts if a certain KPI breach occurs
  • Optimize the network in the most efficient way

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