Improving Service Uptake

Addressing one of the biggest issues of telecom providers: network failure recognition

Improving service uptake

Reducing downtime to assure customer satisfaction

Cell towers can crash and stop operating suddenly. This can have an impact on overall services and could lead to a setback for the entire organization. Often, the affected cell towers are left unattended for a long time. Promptly locating these sleeping cells or hampered networks and bringing them up is essential for customer retention. With statistical analysis and modeling provided by artificial intelligence, companies can fetch the locations where their customers have registered call drops or where the network needs updating, all in an efficient and faster manner. Data intelligence allows engineers to identify regions with customers facing call-drop situations.

Understanding network vulnerabilities by applying AI techniques

Data analytics helps to deliver an overview of network and traffic in a number of different scenarios, whether predictive or in real time. It provides organizations with improved oversight of where and when to carry out planned engineering works, the impact that these will have on service provision, and oversight of potential network vulnerabilities. With easy to customize performance reports, and a comprehensive view of the network telecom operators are able to top-down analysis of network issues, decreasing troubleshooting time and reducing the need for drive testing. In-depth analysis of KPIs containing all necessary contextual information enables them to find root causes of issues and also address them in a timely manner.

It provides operators with superior end-to-end system visibility, quantification of resources, and performance modeling to identify network anomalies. This allows the service provider to significantly reduce downtime and improve service levels resulting in improved visibility of potential network issues and enabling them to enhance their customers’ experience at large.

Increasing customer satisfaction by improving network performance

  • Troubleshooting of problems
  • Enhanced accuracy of network management
  • Detect network anomalies beforehand
  • Capture call drop records
  • Measure the quality of network operations

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