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Wells Vehicle Electronics is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of electrical parts and components for vehicle manufacturers in North America. The company’s contribution to the automobile industry is remarkable as they have been delivering to this vertical for a long time. They stand for a matchless, customer-focused philosophy, making them one of the most trusted manufacturers in the automobile industry.

Wells Vehicle Electronics

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    IoT app development, Java, SQL, iOS, Android, C


For a layman, reading and understanding DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes) is like wheels within wheels. To leverage the vehicle’s self-diagnostic and reporting capability, our client wanted a mobile app that can communicate with the dongle via Bluetooth and interpret DTCs that correspond to the fault.

The main objective of the client was to communicate with the dongle connected to a vehicle and decrease diagnostic time while providing the user with an effective preventive maintenance solution. Some of the common challenges faced by them were:

  • Varying trouble codes
  • Understanding OBD trouble codes
  • Monitoring vehicles’ performance
  • Greater diagnostic time


In the past few years, Bluetooth IoT mobile apps have evolved, enabling modern enterprises to achieve their business goals. The client was also looking for a mobile IoT app that pairs seamlessly with Bluetooth. So, our team of experts built an IoT mobile application called ‘GoTech™ Mobile OBD-II Diagnostics Tool’ that pairs with the OBD-II dongle via a Bluetooth connection. The client wanted a mobile app for car owners or service technicians so that they could purchase the dongle device.

The app fetches and displays information on the faulty codes and various gauges, thus allowing the user to take preventive care. On top of the code’s meaning and the possible causes, the IoT mobile app also provides the user with real-time digital gauges that monitor a vehicle’s engine performance, which includes various parameters, such as:

  • Engine RPM
  • Ignition timing advance
  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Short-term fuel trim
  • Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor output values
  • Long-term fuel trim
  • Intake air temperature
  • Oxygen sensor output voltage
  • Calculated engine load

Additionally, we have built a back-end web admin where the admin users can log in to the application using valid credentials and manage the data related to a vehicle along with trouble code numbers, definitions, explanations and its related causes.


  • Identify vehicle issues easily
  • Export trouble codes to PDF
  • Real-time vehicle updates
  • Save both time and effort
Wells Vehicle Electronics

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