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Azure Sphere – For End-To-End IoT Security

Microsoft Gold Partner

As every day new devices based on microcontrollers (MCUs) are becoming connected, the world becomes more exposed to security concerns and digital risks. Today, enterprises around the world are spending billions for data security as privacy concerns, identity governance and administration, and data loss prevention are also becoming key factors in today’s connected world. Azure Sphere is Microsoft’s new solution that combines an operating system, cloud service, and hardware, which keeps IoT devices safe from cyberattacks.

This technology stack addresses IoT security end-to-end at the following three levels:

  • Hardware level: with MCU specifications
  • Software level: with a Linux kernel- based operating system
  • Cloud level: with software updates and early detection of attacks

Azure Sphere provides security that begins with the hardware and extends to the cloud to deliver comprehensive security that proactively protects, detects, and responds to threats. Azure Sphere devices need not necessarily be tied to Azure IoT platform services. They can work with other platforms like AWS, or Google cloud.

Data Visualization For All Businesses

The explosion of data poses a great opportunity for enterprises to derive actionable insights using smart data analytics. Our IoT platform – IoTConnectTM helps you make the most of data by facilitating edge analytics while bringing intelligence closer to the devices. We can help you tightly integrate Azure Sphere with your IoT ecosystem and empower your devices to for local processing and analysis of data.


Create next-generation IoT experiences with Microsoft Azure Sphere

Date: Thursday, May 14, 2020 | Time: 10:00AM TO 11:00AM CT

Security is the prime requirement for any IoT project. While implementing a secure IoT solution can be a challenging task, Azure Sphere delivers essential security properties so that you can innovate with confidence.

Create next-generation IoT experiences with Microsoft Azure Sphere

Microsoft’s Azure Sphere microcontroller is not a just tiny device, it’s way more behind it. Let us help you make the most of it.

Azure Sphere Integration

We have a team of experts to help you implement Azure Sphere and prepare for mass production.

Set Up Series Production

We help you set up series production while offering bulk in-factory provisioning, device provisioning service (when using Azure IoT Hub), bulk device claiming and lock-down, and end-of-line and in-circuit testing.

Microsoft Azure IoT

We are Azure IoT Red Carpet Partner and a Microsoft Gold Partner that enables us to work closely with Microsoft technologies and help you provide world-class Azure Sphere consultation and services.

Security Consulting

Security is paramount to us. Our dedicated security consultants will help you address the security requirements of infrastructures and ensure you assets stay away from security vulnerabilities.

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