Legacy system modernization for a law firm Legacy system modernization for a law firm

Customer Background

Anderson + Wanca is a boutique litigation law firm focusing on complex business class action litigation in state and federal courts across the United States. Anderson + Wanca has expertise in TCPA law, BIPA law, various types of consumer fraud and Illinois law regarding biometric privacy and data breaches. The firm wanted to make the best use of PDFs to streamline workflows and enhance employees’ productivity.

Anderson + Wanca

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    Java, Google Sheets, GlassFish


For any law firm, gathering a large amount of information and using it to one’s advantage has always been the need of the hour. Anderson + Wanca looked to gain a competitive advantage by accessing reliable information in the least amount of time. PDFs are extremely useful in such cases. With its outdated database management system, Anderson + Wanca could not effectively use PDFs.

The client was facing the following specific challenges:

  • Enhance the productivity of editing, annotation and online form filling
  • Improve the efficiency with which documents are filed and sorted
  • Authentication and security of documents
  • Customized electronic transmission
  • Technology migration

Anderson + Wanca was also facing intensified competition, increased client sophistication, financial pressures, technology upgrades and, of course, information proliferation. Nevertheless, the client’s main concern was migrating their legacy database management system to a digitally transformed business process.


By working with Softweb Solutions, Anderson + Wanca got FaxHelper. FaxHelper is a PDF software we developed to solve Anderson + Wanca’s all PDF-related concerns.

We designed FaxHelper mechanics exactly as per the client’s needs. Here’s what the software does. The software fetches data from Google Sheets. It then splits each page of the PDF into images. Anderson + Wanca can then edit, annotate and authenticate every page of their legal documents. They can also make a group of images and send the required materials in a customized manner. Considering the security and authentication of the documents, the client prefers to send legal documents via fax, wherever needed.

Our Java developers built this software using Java Server Face, Prime Face, EJB and GlassFish 5 (application server). Later, when Google stopped supporting Google Sheets API v3.0 and Google Drive APIs, we also upgraded the software to support Anderson + Wanca’s seamless work. We upgraded the Java version to support smooth workflows.

Lastly, we also migrated legacy database management to a digitally transformed business process. The legacy database management migration covers a series of long steps, considering the industry the client belongs to. Additionally, most legal documents of Anderson + Wanca are likely to have multiple pages and categories or subsections. So, by using our software, the client can convert their PDFs into a readable text format, allowing their clients to search for information more quickly. That’s how, using our PDF software, Anderson + Wanca doubled its work efficiency.


  • Better client results
  • Increased productivity
  • Document-level security
  • Workflows working at their best
  • Great legal documents organization
  • Comprehensive information retrieval
Brian Wanca

We had an obsolete database management system. The ability of our database management system to store, scan, protect and retrieve/share data was disabled.

We consulted the team at Softweb Solution to discuss the challenges of managing confidential legal data. With their support, we were able to migrate our legacy database management system to a digitally transformed business process. We were pleased with their expertise to meet our needs and handle all issues promptly. It will be a pleasure to work with them in the future.”

– Brian Wanca


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