Offering tailored subscriptions

Know what works best for different customers

Offering tailored subscriptions

Push offers to customers at the right time

Machine learning enables telecom operators to analyze subscriber profiling, conversion rates, content usage trends, and network activity. It enables telecom operators to get insights into customer behavior and allows them to identify their customers’ preferences such as data to voice or vice versa. This helps them to push offers that are tailored as per subscriber’s needs at the right time.

They can better understand the percentage of customers who like or dislike offers proposed to them and can also determine which customers are happy with their network offerings. These insights, when further processed, can be converted into campaigns and help in targeting customers effectively.

Customer segmenting for enhanced customer experience

Customers feel privileged when their requirements are understood beforehand. With detailed customer insights, the operators already know the preferences for different segments of customers. This enables them to improve their offerings leading to happier customers. It arms telecom companies with contextual insights that give them a competitive advantage to enhance the overall customer experience.

AI analytics generated by data intelligence in real-time about customer-specific data enables network operators to precisely align promotions and campaigns along the entire customer journey matching the customer sentiment. By monitoring the activities of customers in real-time, network operators can personalize their marketing, enabling them to map campaigns against customer acquisition. Operators can personalize their offerings by directing adequate marketing to users with certain profiles. Moreover, they can tailor their overall offerings, such as types of subscriptions to certain segment of users.

Sell experience with customized offerings

  • Get real-time analysis of consumer behavior
  • Recommend personalized packages / subscriptions
  • Push personalized content to a certain customer segment
  • Get transformative results around revenue and retention
  • Create a breakthrough experience for individual customers
  • Analyze customer needs to craft customized solutions

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