Gain better insights about your patients with MR

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With our simulation-driven mixed reality in healthcare solutions, you can re-image and improve the paradigm of the industry. Learn, understand and share patients’ conditions and reports in an immersive manner. Move from a two-dimensional environment to 3D visualizations in a way that you can interact with more efficiency.

  • Get a better understanding of complex anatomy
  • Remotely access patient data
  • Get real-time training from experienced healthcare providers
  • Facilitate better patient care and treatment

Preoperative remote consultation

  • Seamless collaboration between the staff
  • Share critical information anytime from anywhere
  • Improve doctor-patient communication
  • Conduct an overall analysis and assessment of the patient’s condition remotely
  • Train and support interns in real-time
Preoperative remote consultation
Medical visualization and diagnosis

Medical visualization and diagnosis

  • Achieve better efficiency in providing diagnosis
  • Display real-time vitals, visualize organs, etc.
  • Develop trust among patients by allowing them to get a virtual tour of their surgeries
  • Visualize vital aspects of the human body to get a better understanding
  • Educate interns and medical students with a simulated environment
  • Increase students’ engagement and understanding of abstract concepts

Paramedic remote support to address emergency

  • Paramedics can remotely get support from senior medical professionals
  • Take accurate and faster medical decisions
  • Efficiently provide emergency medical aid
  • Deliver better patient outcome
Paramedic remote support to address emergency


  • Provide remote care to patients with mobility issues
  • Visually project simulations for different situations
  • Offer ease of access to facilitators remotely
  • Increase patient engagement by providing a safe and controlled immersive environment
  • Leverage telehealth appointments to screen patients for possible infectious disease

Medical imaging and radiology

  • Integrate navigation aids in MRI-guided procedures
  • Start procedural planning and gain visualization of radiologic information in real-time
  • Get real-time assistance for interventional radiology procedures
  • Achieve a wider field of view for better diagnosis
  • Obtain tactile feedback from the simulated environment
Medical imaging and radiology
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Why choose us

We empower our clients with the ability to develop relationships, drive innovation, improve operations and build connections while simplifying complex configurations and integrations. We offer industry best MR solutions to empower the healthcare industry

  • We have an extensive hands-on experience
  • A strong legacy of leveraging Microsoft technologies
  • We leverage HoloLens to offer best-in-class solutions
  • Provided MR solutions to healthcare companies across the globe

Take patient care to another level with our healthcare mixed reality solutions

Blend real-world elements with the virtual environment for faster diagnosis and patient treatment enhancement