Food & Beverage Quality Assurance

Keep the quality at its best

Food and Beverage Quality Assurance

Quality of food matters the most for both – the business and its customers. The food and beverage industry constantly deals with the major challenge of maintaining the quality standards of their products. On the other hand, customers have become pickier about what to eat and what to drink. Over time, F&B companies have realized that maintaining the quality standards of their products is not restricted to one particular department; it’s a collective effort of the processes and departments that the product has gone through. Parameters like quality have the ability to establish or demolish a business, where an optimum quality product can improve the success probability, whereas a product with less quality can demote the profit quotient to a considerably lower level.

Machine intelligence and data science ensuring optimal quality

By harnessing the power of machine learning and data science, the F&B industry avails the necessary quality checks to ensure the delivery of the product with the finest quality. Object recognition powered by AI allows companies to collect, process, filter and analyze the data that can provide the stakeholders with crucial insights to maintain the quality of the product.

With the help of our data intelligence and analytics services, the food and beverages industry can considerably reduce the amount of time and resources allocated to monitor the quality checks for every product. Data intelligence can analyze data from operations like packaging, productions, raw materials and others along with existing test data. This helps data intelligence to measure the products’ quality benchmarks with the expected outcomes.

Data intelligence takes care of quality for stakeholders

  • Companies can establish a food safety culture for both employees and managers
  • The QA approach can be changed from one that is oriented towards damage control to prevention

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