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Enrich your smart digital experience with our voice application development services

At Softweb, we specialize in Alexa skills development to create multiple solutions for the home as well as business. Our Amazon Alexa skills developers are well-versed in using the Alexa Skills Kit. By combining Alexa skills APIs and artificial intelligence techniques, we can help enterprises in building AI-enabled voice assistants to offer improved customer experiences.

We deliver a range of custom-built automation solutions to our clients globally, by understanding their specific business needs. With Amazon Alexa Intelligent Voice Assistant, customers can interact with devices in a more intuitive manner using voice.

Amazon Alexa Home Automation

Take your home automation solution to a whole new level. We can help you integrate Amazon Alexa with your smart home products, enabling control lighting, thermostat and many other smart home products with just a voice command. Our Alexa developers can help you integrate your existing home automation system with Amazon Alexa to enable extended capability of your solution and enable your customers to turn their home into a smart home.

Smart Office Integration

Alexa is amazing for multitasking and we can help you integrate it with our smart office solutions. It can do many tasks including, attending to your guests into the reception area, scheduling a meeting, organizing your calendar, setting up reminders, finding an available meeting room, letting you know other employees’ location in the office and so on.

Cloud Integration

Integrating the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure Cloud platform with Amazon Alexa makes the platform more relevant in the workplace setting. You will be amazed to see new capabilities of Amazon Alexa in areas of integration, storage, messaging, data analytics, and more.

Why Choose Us

At Softweb, we are enthusiastic about bringing to you the new and advanced capabilities of voice assistants. Create a new generation of digital experiences with us and take your organization to a higher level. Our dedicated team of Amazon developers can help you build engaging voice experiences for your services and devices with our Amazon Alexa App Development Services.

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