Your journey towards the next big thing

Your journey towards the next big thing

Startup consulting involves advising on effective planning, developing and launching new software products. Softweb Solutions provides startup tech consulting services, helping business founders with product consulting, prototype designing and MVP development services, and solve real-world challenges. Our startup experts follow agile delivery approach to enable a smooth transition of idea to a successful product.

2X Faster Development

Upto 30% Cost-efficient

100% Collaborative efforts

Why choose us


Dedicated startup product development team

Our team will take ownership of development including technical assessment, design, development and solution to make it market-ready.


Shortest time-to-market

Our startup team has vast experience and a proven track record in rapidly delivering software solutions on time and within budget.


Future-proof digital products

Our experts can deliver full-cycle startup MVP development services that are seamlessly scalable and adaptable to future business needs.


Product ideation to evolution

We build innovative and unique products for startups that solve new age issues and provide a superior customer experience to gain a competitive edge.


Supporting startups at every stage

Whether you’ve stumbled upon an innovative idea, looking for scalability solutions or require data-driven support, we are just a call away!


Impactful go-to-market strategies

A comprehensive blueprint that outlines our approach to attract & win customers, enter new markets, increase market share, and achieve projected sales and marketing goals, revenue, and ROI.

Outstanding software product development services

Our startup product development includes

Startup tech consulting services

Being a software product development company, we perform the technical assessment for our clients’ startup business to define product strategy and UX/UI architecture for achieving a fail-proof business plan.

  • Define product vision
  • Identify target audience
  • Time and effort estimate
  • Project requirements and feature prioritization

Prototyping services

We create, develop and iterate a proof of concept wherein a working product prototype is built, tested, validated, and refined based on user feedback and analysis.

  • Proof of concept
  • Wireframe
  • UI/UX development
  • Comprehensive testing

MVP / Final product development

We outline the minimum viable product development process for IoT, Data analytics and cloud startups by identifying critical features and testing them in real life with the help of target users.

  • Technology and business analysis
  • Fast kick-off and adaptability
  • Business-oriented approach
  • Product development and delivery

Go-to-market planning

Our team will help you with strategizing a timeline for product launch, brand positioning, digital marketing, engagements and deliverables, ensuring a path to market success.

  • Define target market and audience
  • Organize engagement with related platforms
  • Tailor product Positioning & distribution
  • Determine risk factors & product monetization

End-to-end software product development services

  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • IoT Solutions
  • API Integration
  • Custom App Development
  • AR/VR Development


From planning the architecture to designing the interface, our front-end developers offer HTML, CSS UI/UX development. Being a startup tech consultant, we offer benefits like maximized resources and minimized risk with an agile approach.

  • The ROI on UX investments is 9,900%. UX stats show that every $1 invested in UX design results in a $100 return. – TrueList 2022
  • People form 75% of their judgment on a website’s credibility purely on its aesthetics. – A study done by researchers from the University of Surrey


Our back-end developers offer high-quality code to ensure sustainable and responsive web development for your startup. Our MVP development services helps your website to communicate with databases as well as store, understand and delete data.

  • Laravel is one of PHP’s most popular frameworks for back-end development
  • Django and Flask follow Laravel in popularity and number of users

IoT Solutions

With industry-proven development process, we deliver best-in-class smart solutions. Our IoT solutions can maximize the value of your connected assets, providing features and functionalities for device provisioning, data transmission, management, processing and visualization.

  • In 2021, there were more than 10 billion active IoT devices. – Dataprot
  • 83% of organizations have improved their efficiency by introducing IoT technology. – Dataprot

API Integration

To expand digital-product portfolio, it is essential to leverage services that enable you to meet your business goals. Being a software product development company, we understand the importance of this aspect and choose the right APIs for your product development journey.

  • 83% of respondents consider API integration a critical part of their business strategy. – GlobeNewsWire
  • The API management market is projected to be worth $5.1 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 32.9%. – MarketsAndMarkets

Custom App Development

With our custom software product development, we incorporate all your essential and custom-tailored business requirements. Mobile app development team of Softweb helps you to create native, cross-platform and hybrid applications.

  • The worldwide mobile application revenues have risen dramatically throughout the past two years from 461 billion in 2019 up to 639 billion in 2021. – Statista
  • Mobile bolstered the ad industry in 2020 — growing to $240 billion in mobile ad spend and set to top $290 billion in 2021. –

AR/VR Development

Leveraging industry-best AR and VR glasses as well as platforms like Vuforia, ARCore, Unity, and ARKit, we offer an array of augmented reality development services. Our expertise lies in creating immersive experience with AR and VR app development.

  • The AR market is a rapidly growing industry with an estimated market value of $50 billion by 2024. – Global Market Insights
  • The annual revenue of the VR market will reach $4.8 billion in 2021. – Dataprot

Our success stories

Types of Software Development Services for Startups

Turnkey software development

Startups look for scalable solutions. With state-of-the-art software development competencies, our adept developers build custom products that meet your requirements. We offer solutions ranging from MVP development to support and maintenance.

Existing product development

With dynamic market demands, software products also need to be updated. While considering adding a new feature, fixing long due bugs or reducing functional issues to eliminate any vulnerabilities, you can rely on Softweb solutions.

Product transformation & scaling

New innovations in technologies have provided opportunities to rejuvenate products and attract more users. Our team of developers have expertise in fields like AI, IoT, AR and more, to offer you with best-in-class solutions.

The startup tech consultants empowering you to gain right value, Let’s connect!

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Startup Tech Consultants – We translate innovation into action

Softweb Solutions Inc. is an Avnet company with offices in Chicago, Dallas and Ahmedabad. We deliver best-of-breed AI software for IoT applications, along with providing data services and digital transformation to enterprises. We have helped numerous startups at every stage from inception to scaling existing products to offering smart solutions, fostering business growth. Softweb Solutions provides end-to-end solutions such as strategizing, digitization and executing the plan to startups as well as established organizations.

We believe that today’s software development requires out-of-the-box thinking. So how do we ensure this happens with our people?

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Which industries have you served so far?

We have addressed the requirements of businesses across multiple industries including finance, healthcare, retail, automotive and others.

How long does it take to build MVP?

It depends on the required features, design complexities and the technologies needed. However, to give an average time, it takes around three to four months for the initial roll-out of an MVP.

Do you help startups in advancing product development ideas?

Yes, our team of software developers tries to understand the idea of startups and help them unleash new concepts to achieve business objectives.

Which technologies can be used to build MVP?

There are several factors to consider while choosing the technology stack for building minimum viable product. You need to check scalability, cost, resources, timeline and support before deciding the technologies.

What are the benefits of developing MVP?

One of the biggest benefits of developing an MVP is that it allows organizations to test their business concepts. If you are not sure whether the product will work or not, or if you want to scale your product in future, prototyping the idea is the answer. Here are the key benefits of MVP.

How often you should update your mobile application?

After developing a mobile application, you should be prepared to release future updates and bug fixes to stay ahead of the competition.

Are there any prerequisites to for a successful product development?

Ideation and feasibility are the key to develop a successful MVP. There are no set prerequisites as such, but you need to take care of certain things like testing, execution, resource and time management as well as functionalities to ensure that your MVP is efficient.