Why enterprises should choose Sitecore Experience Commerce Why enterprises should choose Sitecore Experience Commerce

Why Sitecore Experience Commerce platform is at the forefront of next-gen technologies

Why Sitecore Experience Commerce platform is at the forefront of next-gen technologies
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The rise of the COVID-19 pandemic has uplifted the importance of digital experiences for organizations and customers. It has raised the demand for many organizations to search for digital commerce technologies to manage the transformation of products and services into hyper-personalized customer experiences.

In this blog post, we will talk about Sitecore Experience Commerce benefits that meets the needs of today’s modern and growing organizations by eliminating silos as teams work towards managing e-commerce storefronts.

Introducing Sitecore Experience Commerce Platform

Sitecore provides organizations with a foundation to help them deliver differentiated commerce experiences. Especially, the latest Sitecore Experience Commerce platform 10 release introduced more functionalities that drive higher value and revenue with dynamic product bundling and new promotion capabilities. XC accelerates time-to-value and agility with its increased support for Docker, Containers and Kubernetes. By adopting these new technologies of virtualization, XC can be easily deployed and managed while giving you more flexibility to dynamically assign resources on web traffic.

The Sitecore Experience Commerce implementation: What does it offer?

The XC platform is designed with a unique focus on contextuality to help companies directly deal with testing and personalizing at different stages of customer scenarios in the sales cycle. Along the way, it also delivers automation capabilities to minimize your team’s workload.

Sitecore Personalization at its best

Although we know that Sitecore is all about providing personalization, it’s also about benefiting from increased valuable data insights. Delivering an exceptional personalization will make your customers keep coming back for more. Let’s see how XC tackles personalization.

Personalize your responses and content in real-time: One of the biggest benefits of XC is that it lets you personalize your responses and content in real-time. So, there’s no more delay in outreach actions and campaign tweaks.

Optimize experiences across different channels in real-time: It’s possible to meet your customer’s needs while they add goods to their cart, or while they are checking out or even after they complete transactions regardless of what channel they use.

Deliver personalized experiences to every shopper: Instead of only adapting to users who sign-in or explicitly state their preferences, the XC system crawls through a wealth of data to identify and respond to your user’s need.

Captures customer’s explicit data for seamless personalization: Sitecore Commerce uses an Experience Database to capture a huge range of different insights about customers, including who they are, what they search for, how they interact with your page, what kind of device habits they have, what they add to their carts and what they buy. So, that you have a 360-degree view of your customer.

Creates Experience Profiles to easily identify customer activity: Sitecore creates experience profiles that relate to every aspect of each shopping experience and makes it possible to optimize comprehensively, ensuring that your decisions produce results.

Content optimization and testing

Sitecore Commerce allows you to make changes to everything from the layout of your pages to standard progression checks and shipping options, and relieve you from traditional testing restrictions.

Moreover, it automatically performs testing to compare your new and modified experiences with elements like promos and sample content. This robust analysis helps you contextualize the data you are generating as well as reflect a more informed perspective. Besides, XC offers you the right direction and suggestions that are related to-

  • Customer segments that are ideal for interaction
  • Promotional strategies you may want to consider
  • Case-to-case marketing and cross-sale opportunities
  • Rewarding sales campaigns
  • Content and marketing materials

Cloud-based connectivity

XC allows easy deployment of your marketing platform using a distributed computing environment like Azure or via a native cloud. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about configuring Sitecore to work seamlessly with the native option. You can take your call on whether you want to get started with a local cloud implementation or go with a dedicated service provider that offers more flexibility.

Rule-based configurations

If you find it challenging to keep updated with your marketing operations, XC helps to automate experience processes as a valuable aid so that you don’t have to make time to deal with each event separately.

Let’s discuss a scenario – What should be your action when a user abandons the cart? Would you want your platform to send a triggering message or email? But how long should you wait for them before sending out a message? Or perhaps are you going to risk frustrating a potential customer who had problems with payment transactions? It can be difficult to make out what exactly has happened to the customer activity.

By offering clear and logical automation and a rule-setting flowchart view, Sitecore Commerce equips you with a sensible decision-making process. Being able to handle the sequence of events in an organized graphical manner encourages strategic planning and lets you develop complex processes that instill a more human touch into your automated customer experiences.

Intelligent backend sales cycle

Sitecore Commerce provides intelligent automation to design rules that deal with backend incidents such as out-of-stock items or updates. This is an easy way to manage little information that makes the shopping experience more exciting such as –

  • Enabling customers to search through different product catalogs
  • Processing orders covering physical and digital objects
  • Permitting secure domain payments
  • Providing relevant content including deals, products and access to digital resources
  • Translating and localizing several consumer markets

Complete commerce connect

The Sitecore Commerce Experience platform integrates with the majority of shippers and payment processors worldwide, so if you have settled on a logistic system that works for you, then you don’t necessarily have to give it up. Sitecore Commerce naturally has native Sitecore XP integration; hence, it does not restrict you to working with other commerce platforms like Microsoft Dynamics for retail.

Why choose Sitecore Experience Commerce?

Undoubtedly, Sitecore Commerce is a viable solution that offers feature-packed functionalities as one of the major strengths. It’s clearly understood that XC is all about contextualizing your actions. You can confidently rely on Sitecore Commerce to continually work behind the scenes and expect your marketing campaign improvements to fit the customer scenarios. Sitecore Commerce is the best way for relevant modifications as and when needed for users to interact with your brand.

The closing thought

Deploy Sitecore Experience Commerce as a promising solution, particularly for those organizations looking for the ultimate retail omnichannel platform. Deciding to adopt Sitecore Commerce is close to achieving quality digital commerce performance. Leverage our Sitecore consulting services, or simply contact us  to build a fail-proof digital commerce strategy today.

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