Data solution for renewable energy market: Implement the Tableau platform to drive data culture

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The renewable energy industry tends to make assumptions when it comes to capital planning with solar and wind being intermittent sources. It faces challenges to predict the percentage increase in efficiency or performance that may lead to doubling or tripling of demands. Besides, they also require monitoring the resources for optimal utility.

Tableau is one such powerful platform that enables renewable energy enterprises to use data visualization features to make decisions. It empowers through a unique way of visualizing their data, to keep up with rapidly changing technology and to outperform their competition.

With Tableau, you can analyze the data for value and keep up with increased performance, reduced downtime and enhanced customer services. Moreover, Tableau is an efficient platform that will help you to optimize downstream revenues and mitigate upstream costs while obtaining insights through geographies, products, services and sectors.

To take full advantage of the Tableau dashboard for renewable energy, large power consumers like yours will need to develop strategies. This blog post aims to highlight the importance of the Tableau platform for the renewable energy industry by discussing case studies of global enterprises.

1. Origin Energy – Energy supply chain power generation

The leading energy supplier in Australia, Origin Energy, covers more than 4.2 million residential and corporate customers in the energy supply chain for power generation, processing, retail and distribution. Origin Energy implemented Tableau on an enterprise-wide scale to stay ahead of the information, to create a centralized source of reality and free up capital for more strategy-focused work.

The lack of reporting and publishing capabilities in real-time impeded the ability of Origin Energy to make timely business decisions. Thus, the business intelligence team was driven by this challenge to look for a solution like Tableau. 

Origin Energy is now released from the need to continuously collect figures and verify accuracy. Origin’s entire market focus has undergone a paradigm shift. Manual day-to-day activities are minimized and their processes are accelerated, enabling teams to concentrate on strategic work such as business planning and forecasting. Origin Energy is now powered up with enterprise-wide Tableau adoption by:

  • Empowering more than 1,700 users on the cloud using Tableau Server
  • Reducing duplication and inconsistencies
  • Maximizing time for strategic planning

Let your data tell your business story with Tableau

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2. Siemens – Global company for engineering excellence

Siemens AG is a global powerhouse of technology for over 170 years. The company has its presence worldwide, concentrating on power generation and distribution, smart infrastructure for buildings and distributed energy systems, automation and digitization in the process of manufacturing and production industries.

Siemens embraced Tableau for excellent data-driven business continuity. Today, Siemens IT is supported by Tableau to analyze and harness data. Insights are readily available upon request, which previously was time-consuming with the IT team’s time and resources. Additionally, trusted data and drill-down technologies now empower many internal decision-making teams with the power of data through multiple devices. Overall, this helped Siemens to boost operational efficiencies and streamline internal processes through incredible visual analytics.

With Tableau, Siemens acquired a deeper understanding of IT service expenses, usage and customer satisfaction:

  • Rapid analysis of more than 7 billion rows across 200+ data sources
  • Integration with ServiceNow allows a better understanding of IT services
  • Transparent, interactive dashboards support management decisions

3. EDF – UK’s largest electricity supplier

EDF is the largest low-carbon energy producer in the UK and the largest provider of electricity by volume in the world, powering more than 5.5 million homes and businesses. Huge quantities of data were collected across the organization, but to extract real value from it, they did not have the right tools in place. They required a new analytics tool that could unlock this value on a day-to-day basis and make it more available. They went through an iterate process, shifting employees’ mindset as a whole, encouraging them to see it as a strategic tool rather than being afraid of it.

Migrating to Tableau allowed EDF to substitute 13 central Tableau dashboards for 900 manual reports, each of which provides insights into a key HR operations field. Once they had Tableau in place, they could see their end goals clearly. EDF now makes informed, data-driven decision across its organization benefiting from the below advantages:

  • The comprehensive security features offer complete control over data access.
  • Self-service analytics cut demands for ad-hoc reporting by more than 50%
  • Entry to essential data insights enhances business-wide organizational effectiveness

The closing thought

With the use of Tableau proliferation in the growing organization, working and collaborating with rich data visualization is expected to become a common practice in the renewable energy industry. If you wish to leverage Tableau’s analytic capabilities, get in touch with our Tableau consultant and discuss your project.

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