Your Parking can talk - Smart Parking is the solution

Your parking can talk – smart parking is the solution

Your parking can talk - smart parking is the solution
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Your business may be expanding and you may be facing problems to accommodate all the vehicles owned by clients and employees. The staff members may find it difficult to park their cars in the limited parking spaces in and around your building. If you wish to expand the limited space available for parking, the perfect solution can be Smart Parking. Smart Parking systems provide options to car owners for parking lots. This helps in efficient management of parking space. This helps to manage the space efficiently.

According to a recent research, 30% of the traffic in urban areas is caused by drivers and motorists looking for parking spaces.

What is Smart Parking and how does it help?

Smart Parking makes use of sensor technology, variable road message signs, flexible payment systems and smart navigation mobile map applications to direct the drivers and make them aware of parking options in an urban area.

This helps reduce the time spent in searching for parking spaces and also helps maximize the revenue gained by parking administrators and business owners. The unoccupied parking spaces can be utilized in a better way by using smart parking system.

Make Parking less of a pain

Let’s be honest: Parking and traffic congestion is a common problem in the US. Next-generation Smart Parking systems can be the ideal solution for owners who wish to expand their parking lot or structures. The sensors embedded in the pavement of the selected parking spaces detect when vehicles occupy or leave a specific space. They communicate the information to gateways and the data is sent to the cloud. The availability of parking spaces is presented to the drivers.

Smartphone applications help the users get real-time availability of the spaces and lots.

  • Benefits of Smart Parking
  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Improve parking management
  • Reduces pollution
  • Optimized use of available space
  • Improve drivers’ experience


Why is Smart Parking necessary in urban areas?

Motorists and car drivers looking to park their vehicles are not as observant to road hazards. Hence, there is a greater chance of accidents and traffic congestion.

At peak times, drivers spend more than 20 minutes searching for a parking space. This increases emissions and wastes fuel. Smart Parking systems meet the supply with demand for parking spaces and reduce congestion in the city.

How does Smart Parking work?

Smart Parking uses sensing devices such as cameras, vehicle counting equipment, sensors installed in pavements, etc. to determine occupancy of the parking lot. More and more robust sensing systems are being built to analyze and transmit the information to the database in real time.

The system increases the availability of parking with the use of sensors. It prevents the drivers from spending too much time searching for a parking space. Internet of Things wireless sensors detect the vacant parking spaces and transmit the data to help the drivers get an idea about the vacant spaces for parking.

Where can Smart Parking solutions be used?

Smart Parking can be used in private parking lots, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, offices, public parking garages, etc. to make their unoccupied parking spots available to the drivers. The intelligent parking system allows drivers to book the parking spots in advance and also get real-time availability of the parking spaces on their mobile devices.

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