New Features of Sitecore 9 automation that you need to know New Features of Sitecore 9 automation that you need to know

Presenting the future of Marketing Automation with the all new Sitecore

Presenting the future of Marketing Automation with the all new Sitecore
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Sitecore has once again brought a new evolution in marketing automation and CMS. With the launch of Sitecore 9, they successfully outstretched marketing automation with a new design that can actually combine almost all elements of marketing automation that were highly anticipated by marketers.

The new Sitecore marketing automation is intuitive and the interface is entirely ‘drag and drop’, allowing marketers to build simple or complex end-to-end marketing campaigns. Marketers can now easily set their goals, provide a personalized experience to their customers, achieve a smooth connection to CRM, all under the umbrella of Sitecore.

The most important feature that has impressed marketers is the ability to personalize the content while the visitor is still ‘in-session’ and navigating the website. Yes! This is now possible with Sitecore 9 as you can target your visitor for promotions and expect a conversion before the visitor leaves your website.

Thinking of Sitecore as your Marketing Automation tool?

As marketers, we know that you want to lead a campaign with reliable content in a timely manner. This is what Sitecore 9 exactly helps you to do with its automation power.

Here are some questions that will help you with a pre-assessment to adapt Sitecore 9; are you able to :-

  • qualify the leads generated from your website?
  • monitor the lead drop-off from your website?
  • segment between the familiar and unfamiliar users of your website?
  • monitor the most engaging section of your website?
  • carry out multivariate testing on your website?
  • give a personalized experience to your website visitors?
  • track your visitor’s activity on your website?
  • interact with your clients in real time?
  • run targeted marketing campaigns based on user activities?

Well, you are most likely to say ‘yes’ to all these questions, if you are a Sitecore 9 user.
New features in Sitecore 9 is focused on providing you with equipped marketing features so that you can focus on providing a good ‘customer experience’.

With Sitecore’s cross-channel marketing automation, you can build interactions and automate responses. Content can be created and designed in the context of how, when, where, and why customers are interacting with your brand. This data brings you contextual insights, which are key to your marketing automation engagement with Sitecore 9.



The all new marketing automation platform of Sitecore will collect all the information about every customer’s activity with your brand and allow you to use that information to communicate back with a relevant response.

Sitecore 9 will also provide you an organized structure for ongoing conversations on any channel so you can communicate with your customers right away. The marketing control panel allows you to run automated campaigns where you can trigger and target your visitors.

The best thing about Sitecore 9 is that it will remember your last interaction with the customer and help you to pick up that conversation from where you left it, regardless of any device or channel the customer has switched to. With this feature, you can monitor the behavior and actions of your visitor and define the outcome of your goal.

The final insight
Clients will demand more every day as customer demands increase. As a matter of fact, let us state that brands who are still performing without MarTech (Marketing Technology) are much likely to reap the fruits of contextual marketing, to meet the need of today’s customers.

Sitecore is here as a solution that will help your brand deliver a complete 360-degree view of your customers by providing a unique, relevant, real-time digital experience for them. We can help you achieve this by leveraging Sitecore’s numerous features, connecting with omnichannel engagement and other data points. You will be able to guide the website visitor through our marketing automation based on valuing scenarios.

The new Sitecore 9 will provide your brand with a new and strong foundation along with a highly integrated interface so that you can experience marketing in real-time using a single digital touchpoint. If you wish to know more about marketing automation solution and how Sitecore can be incorporated into marketing automation, kindly get in touch with our Sitecore experts.

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