Know how Power BI Desktop helps you to grow your business Know how Power BI Desktop helps you to grow your business

Get acquainted with insight to action with Power BI Desktop

Get acquainted with insight to action with Power BI Desktop
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Microsoft Power BI is a suite of software that is designed to process data, carry out analysis and provide insights for quicker and easier decision-making. It provides advanced analytics with which you can gain crucial insights, transform data and resolve your business problems.

Power BI Desktop allows you to connect data, transform it as per your requirements and visualize it to make vital business decisions. You can also connect to several data sources and unite them into a data model with the Power BI Desktop.

You need team efforts to carry out operations and make savvy decisions for which each member of your team needs access to all levels of your data. With Power BI, you can create visuals and share them with peers as reports with this data model. If you work on business intelligence projects, you can create reports using a Power BI Desktop and share them with your colleagues with the Power BI service.

Moreover, Power BI Desktop data analysis enables you to access data from numerous on-premises and cloud-based sources that it supports. It even makes sure that it is always up to date. And you can also develop multipurpose in-depth, useful insights using Power BI Desktop.

Let’s take a look at how Power BI Desktop helps you to grow your business:

Data modeling with ease

With Power BI Desktop, you can easily prepare data using data modeling tools and save a lot of time. You can easily consume, transform, incorporate and augment data in Power BI Desktop. Power BI Desktop connects to a lot of data sources on-premises and cloud and transforms information into interactive visuals. To get a feel for how to publish your reports in Power BI, you can analyze records in Excel, use third-party tools like Tableau and connect to Power BI services to obtain the premium data-driven capacity to visualize your data.

Provides advanced analytics

Power BI Desktop gives you the capability to dig deeper into data and discover patterns that guide you with actionable insights. It carries out advanced analytics to provide you with important acumens. You can also monitor KPIs in real-time and determine which data insights are helping you with more opportunities and success. Power BI provides interactive dashboards with which you can handle complex data management systems. It identifies patterns with data mining & BI systems that support advanced analytics.

Interactive reports

Power BI Desktop for Power BI report provides you with user dashboards and makes it convenient to edit and display data as per your requirements. You can create custom reports and visualizations, perform calculations and set access levels for individual users and data sources. You can also customize dashboard reports to control who can see sensitive information. Power BI and Power Data Type Excel provide you with a single authoritative source of information such as customers, suppliers, products and other business information used by the organization.

Data analysis expression

With Data Analysis Expression (DAX) embedded in Microsoft Power BI, you can achieve one or more values from a data set by computing various data with the present data. This feature helps to calculate with formulas and expressions and works like Microsoft Excel. With Power BI Desktop, you can easily build and comprehend DAX reports.

Real-time analytics on streaming data flows

By integrating Power BI with Azure Machine Learning and Azure Stream Analytics, you can easily access real-time data. This helps you to merge streaming data with grouped data in a single report to find and address issues in equipment in real-time.

The final say

With Microsoft Power BI you can help your teams to collaborate, discuss, edit and manage data-driven visualizations for better business growth and decisions. Power BI helps companies to make better use of their data and gain actionable insights to drive the work forward. Power BI enables business users to analyze and share data at all levels of the organization with advanced analytics capabilities. To know more about how the Power BI Desktop configuration can help you enhance the performance and efficiency of your business, talk to our Power BI experts.

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