How mobile sales apps can help with optimizing a business How mobile sales apps can help with optimizing a business

How mobile sales apps are helping to optimize a business

How mobile sales apps are helping to optimize a business
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Hello everyone, I am Jeet Rathod, business development manager for Mobility solutions at Softweb Solutions, an Avnet Company.

I welcome you all to today’s podcast where I will be speaking on how the use of mobile apps has increased tremendously in recent years, changing the entire landscape of digitization. Also, I’ll be sharing some core reasons why mobile sales apps are a viable asset for businesses in this digital era.

So, before we begin this episode, let us have a look at the current market scenario of mobile apps adoption.

Here’s an interesting fact that indicates the huge consumption of mobile apps. According to a research conducted by Statista, the number of mobile apps downloads in 2020, was 218 billion. This is truly a big digit to believe.

In our everyday life, we use various mobile apps to fulfill our several daily requirements. To our surprise, today, 1.85 million apps are available for users to download. These apps have become highly significant in how we live our lives nowadays. We may listen to almost any music, meet new people, manage diaries, documents and even make payments through them. All thanks to the advancements of smartphones and mobile apps that are forcing the global business ecosystem to drive digitization with mobility.

Every organization from any industry wants its sales team to be successful, that is – make higher sales conversions.

If your organization wants to meet the expectation of a modern consumer, then your sales reps can’t afford challenges while meeting a customer:

  • Lack of access to your product range on the field
  • Carry multiple product’s brochures and manuals
  • Access to customer buying history on the go
  • Dependency on multiple channels to process single order

Mobile sales apps are a huge success worth celebrating

In today’s cutthroat selling environment, a lot of enterprise sales companies, whether small, medium or large are equipping their sales teams with an enterprise mobile application, which can greatly help in curtailing the sales cycle, improving sales force management and driving closure of more deals.

Let’s talk about 5 ways a mobile sales application can accelerate your business performance

Digital product catalog for handling information on the go

Most of the sales content remains unused as the sales rep never finds it to make use of it at the right time. While approaching a customer product information, presentations and sales content are very useful in pitching the customer assertively and clarifying their questions if any. Mobile-enabled and tablet aided sales app functions as a digital replacement of catalog hard copies. No need of flipping pages as clicks and swipes would make extractions of a large pool of information intuitive and easy. A cloud-connected sales app means the sales rep gets updated information no matter where he is because the data gets automatically synchronized when data connectivity is available.

Simplifies data entry work & increases focus on daily sales activities

No doubt the core responsibility of the sales rep is to talk with customers, convince them and close the deal. A few administrative tasks are also important to be performed to have all the details pertaining to the sales conversion. If this data entry task gets eliminated the sales team can be more productive in cracking the sales deal. This is where the adoption of advanced mobile sales application facilitates the sales department – in improving the accuracy of data and in saving a lot of time.

Helps in producing predictable revenue

The mobile sales apps are beneficial for carrying out predictable revenue analysis, which usually big businesses follow as a part of their strategy. With mobile sales applications integrated with your existing CRM or website, you can automate the components of your sales process such as lead generation, lead qualification, sales outreach management and sales analytics which supports in producing predictable revenue streams for your business.



Effective order processing

Processing of orders cannot be set in stone. It means in order processing flexibility is one of the most important aspects, so that your business keeps progressing without hiccups. The sales rep should be able to view product description properly, avail quotes easily and place orders in a few clicks. Whether the order is partial, wherein the sales rep has to ship a part of the order and generate invoices to receive the payment of it. Or the order needs editing, the sales rep should be able to add, remove, adjust the amount and cost at any point of time and send the invoice under the same invoice ID. Besides, the representative can also capture error-free information using the drop-down option. Thus, a mobile sales app has all these capabilities to offer convenience and fetch 100% customer satisfaction.

Improves Business Marketing and Branding

Brand identity plays a significant role in making a business successful and mobile sales apps have transformed the way businesses use to work. This app offers a plethora of advantages such as a galore of layouts and themes, direct marketing channels, refined means to market company offerings, increases your product/ service visibility, and helps sales reps connect with potential clients on the fly.

In a nutshell, let me give you five reasons for having a mobile sales application:

Growth in sales – As more people prefer to shop online, it’s become vital to generate a mobile app that accepts online payments in the simplest and fastest way possible in order to boost revenue.

Audience building – You should also be aware that you may quickly build your audience with the help of a mobile app, regardless of their location. Furthermore, because your customers have downloaded your app, they will not need to remember your website URL or utilize a search engine to find it.

Strong marketing strategies – Mobile apps can collect useful information that can be used to create more effective marketing efforts. These apps provide a wide range of functions and features that deliver comprehensive data.

Source of revenue channel – Businesses employ retail stores, PPC, websites (including content marketing/blogging), direct mail, email marketing, and other avenues to generate sales. Similarly, a mobile sales order application could be considered as an additional revenue source for the business.

Effective customer engagement – Enterprise sales apps have profoundly changed the way firms conduct customer assistance. Communication between a client and an organization is a two-way path. A company’s ability to communicate with its customers is just as important as its ability to respond to them. Mobile apps allow for two-way communication and increased participation.


Invest in a mobile app.

Nowadays, the sales troop is always busy as a beaver to make more and more sales. Hence, having access to the information when needed, demonstrating products on the go, getting real-time updates, placing orders effortlessly and being able to edit records as soon as something takes place are crucial aspects to keep up with the competition.

Right now, it is crucial for every business, small or big to draft a digital vision for their business. Remember that the future is digital. You should be setting your business with a new benchmark of mobile-first strategy to meet the expectations of your customers.

Is your organization prepared to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity of building mobile apps and catering to the needs of consumers?

With this, I would like to wrap up the podcast. I hope this podcast brought you a better understanding of why mobile sales apps are necessary for every growing business. Do not be left out in the race of digitization, make up your mind and invest in building an exceptional AI-powered mobile app with new capabilities to drive your business.

Thank you all for your time; please stay safe. Keep coming back to our website. Also, don’t forget to tune in to our upcoming podcast.

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