Top benefits of implementing an enterprise mobility solution

Top 7 benefits of implementing an enterprise mobility solution

Top 7 benefits of implementing an enterprise mobility solution
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In a world where everything is going mobile, implementing an enterprise mobility solution has become a necessity. The simple equation is – the more mobile users, the easier it becomes to attract them via an enterprise mobile application.

Look at some statistics that substantiate the need and significance of enterprise mobility:

There will be 105.4M mobile workers by 2020, accounting for 72.3% of the total U.S. workforce. –IDC

The BYOD and enterprise mobility market size is estimated to grow from USD 35.10 Billion in 2016 to USD 73.30 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 15.87%. -Marketsandmarkets

The global enterprise mobility market accounted for $206.13 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $1225.78 billion by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 21.9% during the forecast period.
-Business Insider

The use of mobile devices has transformed the way we do business, enhance user-experience and improve ROI. Also, surveys on enterprise mobility show that the number of people who use the internet on mobile are greater than the number of people who use the internet on a computer. This signifies the need to implement mobility for the enterprise processes and people.

The benefits of implementing a mobility solution with your enterprise:

1. Efficient data collection

Data is the most important component of any business model. Mobility solutions can enable your enterprise to proficiently collect data through multiple data touchpoints on the mobile application. And, further manage large data to provide better value to your clients.
Since enterprise mobility solutions help you to keep track of data proficiently, it also helps you to make data-driven business decisions on productivity, attendance, performance, etc. quickly.

2. Increase productivity

Enterprise mobility can give your employees the facility to work from anywhere. Mobile applications also help employees to access important business data from anywhere and at any time. You can connect with your employees irrespective of the time factor, and facilitate them to flexibly work at their ease. This in turn, increases overall employee productivity without compromising employee satisfaction and data security.

3. Reduce operational cost

You must be spending heavily on your company infrastructure and its maintenance. Implementation of enterprise mobility can help your employees to work from home, which will minimize the cost of your infrastructure drastically. Also, in scenarios where it becomes necessary for some employees to attend the office, your Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution can enable workspace collaboration for your mobile environment across multiple devices and platforms.

4. Provides customer satisfaction

For any enterprise, customer service is the top business priority. A mobile application makes it easy for you to reach your customers and cater to their needs including addressing their grievances, taking steps to resolve issues, promoting offers and discounts, etc. in real-time. All in all, enterprise mobility facilitates quick customer support service in lesser time, increasing customers’ trust in an enterprise.

5. Enables faster reporting

The integration of an enterprise mobile reporting system into your mobility solution can enable your employees to see and share their project reports rapidly. Moreover, these reports can be viewed on any device at any time by you and other decision makers to analyze your business KPIs as well as your employees’ performances.

6. Better collaboration

When different employees work on the same project, it becomes necessary for them to coordinate with each other regularly. Enterprise mobility solutions make it easy for your employees to update their work progress and collaborate continuously. Also, they can easily share data and important information via mobile devices. Thus, implementing enterprise mobility is imperative for efficient collaboration among your employees, especially when they are traveling or outside the office premises.

7. Data security

Security is one of the most important concerns and requirements of every enterprise. Enterprise mobility management along with enterprise-grade security solution includes Mobile Device Management (MDM), identity and access management (IAM), and mobile application management (MAM) to offer your business necessary levels of data security and risk management. These solutions provide a secure communication medium that only allows authorized personnel to access corporate data centers preventing data breach and theft.

The final say

Enterprise mobility gives you endless opportunities that help to broaden the sphere of your business and customers. Considering the advantages of implementing enterprise mobility solutions, every organization that has employees working outside the office premises must prioritize developing it. Owning a business also makes it important to keep up with the emerging market trends, failing which; your business might tend to fail with time. Thus, crafting a robust enterprise mobility solution strategy will do nothing but flourish your business. Take your first step towards developing your enterprise mobility by talking to our experts now.

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