Microsoft Inspire 2022: The time for digital acceleration is now

Microsoft Inspire 2022: The time for digital acceleration is now

Microsoft Inspire 2022: The time for digital acceleration is now
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Microsoft Inspire 2022 is the largest partner event of the year that focuses on its ecosystem. The event revolved around strengthening digital transformation by assisting enterprises with industry-specific marketing, partner-selling techniques and evolving cloud offerings.

Inspire is hosted in July every year to celebrate the connected partners across the globe and to recognize the impact they are creating with several industrial segments. Among the primary announcements, Microsoft emphasized how the company plans to drive growth and profitability through Microsoft Partner Network.

Over 400,000 partners are provisioning to over 22 million people around the globe, making a real difference. They assist small businesses to become more productive, non-profits more effective, multi-nationals more competitive, governments more efficient, improving healthcare and educational outcomes and uplifting economies. In brief, Microsoft partners empower organizations with power innovation through modernization.

“The time is now! It’s what will make the difference between organizations that thrive and those that get left behind.”
Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

Inspire event saw discussions on prime changes that will allow partners to keep driving growth and build on their success. Some of the major themes addressed in the announcements as below:

  • Driving growth and profitability through partner-focused platforms
  • Powering innovation through modernization and migration
  • Helping customers streamline their security across platforms
  • Delivering the digital imperative in hybrid work

Opportunities for independent software manufacturers (ISVs) open

Microsoft has announced new benefits with the ISV Success Program. It will assist ISVs in innovating quickly, creating well-architected applications, publishing them to the commercial sector and increasing sales to meet the rising need for cloud solutions.

Software developers now have access to cloud sandboxes, developer tooling, technical and business resources and a committed community. As a result, ISVs can now build, market and leverage the Microsoft Cloud.

Cloud for Sovereignty from Microsoft

Governments around the globe are embracing digital transformation rapidly, opening doors for social and economic development and improving services while promoting the needs, requirements, and interests of their people. To do this, Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty, a service created especially for the public sector.

Customers in the public sector can use this solution to create tasks in the Microsoft Cloud and transform them digitally while still adhering to compliance, security, and policy standards. Besides, they can take full advantage of the cloud’s capabilities, including its size, resilience, security level, and platform capabilities, while enjoying better control over their data, residency, and transparency over its operational and governance processes.

Digital Contact Center Platform

The new Digital Contact Center Platform combines several Microsoft products such as Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Microsoft Teams and Nuance (acquired earlier this year by Microsoft). These products make platform more open, extensible, and collaborative to help users looking for assistance have a seamless experience no matter the channel.

ISVs can utilize the platform to create client-friendly contact center interfaces like intelligent chatbots, immediate live chat boxes and AI solutions. Businesses can seek to build deeper relationships with their customers while lowering expenses without having customers repeat their information.

Azure Space Partner Community

The next paradigm for cloud computing combines the strength of the cloud with the potential of space. Satellites and other space technology are used by businesses from a wide range of industries to provide connectivity anywhere and to gain new insights from space data.
During the event, Microsoft unveiled the Azure Space Partner Community to support its vibrant ecosystem of space partners. It empowers partners to provide the most comprehensive and cutting-edge products for shared customers and the future of space computing. Space operators, manufacturers, systems integrators, data suppliers, ISVs and startups are part of our unique, distinctive ecosystem of partners.

Hybrid work models

The company introduced new features to Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 that enable users to participate whenever they are working. Users can collaborate on workbooks using Excel Live right inside the Teams meeting window. Participants can draw, type, or reply to shared meeting information using collaborative annotations on a Microsoft Whiteboard.
Microsoft Viva is a platform for the employee experience that uses a range of solutions to boost productivity. The new Viva Engage app offers employees options for self-expression, such as the capacity to make and share video postings via the new Stories feature, and aids organizations in creating connections and communities.

Final thoughts

All-embracing, Microsoft Inspire 2022 was a big success. It brought together all the primary stakeholders in the sector. It is marvelous to be inspired by the excellent tech innovations that occurred during the event.

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