How to boost enterprise productivity through managed services

How managed IT services boost enterprise security and productivity

How managed IT services boost enterprise security and productivity
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Modern work demands a modern approach to boost enterprise security and productivity, especially in these unprecedented circumstances. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, companies around the world are not only trying to maintain business continuity and agility, but also increase overall business resiliency. However, it becomes vital to embrace business continuity services and managed IT services to boost enterprise productivity as well as security. But most organizations are unaware of how to operate their business by managing in-house IT infrastructure.

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From networking to cloud and data centers to security, managed IT services help organizations to boost productivity along with reducing IT-related disruptions and downtime. Whether you are running a start-up or holding the reins of the medium-scale business, this blog post will help you know how managed IT and cloud services can help your organization boost productivity and performance – all while keeping security at the center.

IT factors slowing down your enterprise productivity

There are several preventable problems, which can slow down your enterprise productivity and agility to the point that can crash your business’ IT infrastructure. Some common IT factors slowing down your enterprise productivity may include:

  • Under-supported or flawed IT infrastructure
  • Lack of equipment to keep up with emerging technologies
  • Lack of a robust managed services model
  • Complicated business compliance needs
  • Security lapses or system downtime
  • Lack of centrally managed cloud-based IT environment

To tackle all these IT problems and strike the right balance between IT operations and expenditures, you should consult the right managed IT service providers (MSP) and embrace the right set of services.

How to boost enterprise productivity through managed services

To stay ahead of the rapidly changing situation, you need to embrace new-age IT managed services. These services will help you achieve greater business efficiency and productivity. You can either maintain your IT systems in-house via a DIY approach or outsource a full IT infrastructure, right from networking, monitoring, management, data centers to security services.

Follow these five ways to enhance your business productivity through managed services:

1. Embrace a holistic approach to strategic IT planning

To develop a flexible, business-driven strategic IT plan, you need to identify the limitations of your current IT infrastructure. For an IT planning process to be efficient and effective, you must go for a holistic approach, which includes everything from the basic IT infrastructure, networking, collaboration, data storage to security. A well-defined IT strategy can address all the gaps existing between your current IT state and the desired future IT state of your organization that helps you to:

  • Improve digital experience
  • Enhance response times of the IT support
  • Leverage automation
  • Streamline workflows
  • Manage operations remotely

2. Leverage centrally managed IT environment

The ongoing pandemic has necessitated the need for accessing software services and data from anywhere, anytime and any device. To ensure business continuity and IT resiliency, during and after the ongoing crisis, your business must leverage the centrally managed IT environment by migrating on-premises application services, data and computing processes to the cloud. And to step into the world of cloud computing, you can choose from private, public or hybrid cloud services, depending on your organization’s operational demands.

3. Think about managed mobility services

In the era of COVID-19, as companies are transitioning to a digital workplace, it becomes vital for them to build and manage enterprise mobility initiatives for increased productivity and security. Managed mobility services (MMS) can enable your IT department to address the user demands like accessing data and applications remotely at any time and from any device cost-effectively and securely. Thus, MSS helps an organization embrace the new way of working in a digital workplace along with –

  • Efficiently managing the remote workforce
  • Transforming into a truly mobile enterprise
  • Implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) practices

4. Streamline IT infrastructure

IT infrastructure plays a crucial role in enabling your remote workforce to communicate and collaborate with clients, partners and internal team members. IT infrastructure is, therefore, considered the backbone of any enterprise as it keeps the business running efficiently. With an upgraded/updated IT infrastructure, software and applications, companies no longer need to worry about the looming threat of unexpected downtimes, crashes, or viruses.

5. Embrace automated tools

To enhance business continuity and IT resiliency in a virtual work environment, your organization needs to embrace automated tools and platforms. Automating the IT-related operations can help you avoid expensive delays, reduce time-consuming as well as laborious tasks, streamline business workflow, and manage various processes remotely. Automating managed services provides a wealth of potential benefits to your organization, such as:

  • Lower the risk of errors
  • Enhanced system recovery time
  • Prevent unexpected downtime
  • Save operational time
  • Improved consistency of processes
  • Mitigate security breaches
  • Increased business productivity

How managed IT services can help you improve security

Are your firewalls up to date? Can your system secure all your customer data adequately? In the digital era, modern enterprises and their IT departments are grappling with numerous cybersecurity issues like breached and hacked workplace data. So, it is vital to protect sensitive digital information like client or employees’ data, business plans, confidential documents, etc. And to protect such files or data, companies must embrace managed IT services and conduct regular reviews of their IT systems or network.

Managed services help businesses simplify their security processes with value-driven network monitoring and management practices. To implement managed IT security services you can consult the right MSP, who can relieve you from the burden of securing your company’s valuable digital assets against perilous cyber-attacks and security breaches.

Unleash the power of managed IT services

Whether your company’s IT infrastructure and apps are on-premises, hosted or cloud-based, the right MSP can assist you to harness the potential of managed IT services and offer round-the-clock monitoring along with 24×7 IT support. If you are thinking to embrace managed services for better IT security, our team of experts can help you enhance the ability of your IT environment and save you from the additional costs of keeping it completely operational.

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