How IoT-enabled food monitoring system can reduce food waste How IoT-enabled food monitoring system can reduce food waste

FreshNxT – a unique approach to producing monitoring enabled by IoT and AI

FreshNxT - a unique approach to producing monitoring enabled by IoT and AI
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Everyday fruits, vegetables, dairy produce to salads are packaged and put through the supply chain logistical infrastructure where transporters often focus on delivery goals. There’s a lot that happens in cold chain monitoring and in transport before the fresh produce gets to you.

A recently conducted study by the BCG reports that among the many perishable food categories affected fresh produce represents the highest percentage of food waste, with 1.6 billion tons of food, worth about $1.2 trillion, are lost or go to waste.

IoT enablement can touch upon every stage of the food supply chain involving producers, storage providers, processing and distribution along with consumption. The initial focus of the solution is on the supply chain for inbound logistics providing real-time tracking and monitoring.

FreshNxT is a unique approach to fresh produce monitoring ensuring real-time monitoring combined with AI-driven insights which ensures the delivery of the freshest produce. Unique digital freshness cards displayed on real-time dashboards for transporters enable them to make decisions impacting the quality of the produce and also make changes to their inventory or rerouting decisions.

The solution delivers multiple sensor-enabled pallets, carriage carts that store the produce in transit and measure moisture and temperature trends in real-time and also are combined with historical quality data graphs to ensure that the current status is correlating to the maintained or agreed upon standard.

The Food Safety Modernization Act emphasizes on the produce being extensively monitored throughout its journey. Our vision at FreshNxT is to have a complete ecosystem of the end-to-end solutions and we begin with the produce environment monitoring and tracking at a pallet level with highly reasonable unit options for transporters looking to invest in the technology.

The solution is built on top of Avnet’s IoT Connect platform allowing for real-time pallet/carriage alerts in threshold breaches along with enterprise integrations into Salesforce for creating tickets on issues, the platform ingests multiple data points per trip and has proprietary freshness trend modeling available for moisture and temperature which provides insights.

Key Value Drivers of FreshNxT

1. It’s a completely integrated solution that covers the IoT, Data and AI aspects of the solution so transporters can focus on the freshness of the produce to be delivered.
2. It’s a focused solution for making sure that the produce is delivered fresh ensuring that the transporters are technology-enabled and it is not an afterthought.
3. Key insights on quality of produce, operational data provided in real-time along with predictive modeling running in the background.
4. The solution comes with integrations on Salesforce, a cloud-based portal and Integrated PreConnect Hardware.

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