Why integrate AI-powered chatbot with ERP system

4 reasons to integrate your ERP system with chatbots

4 reasons to integrate your ERP system with chatbots
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Nowadays, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, whether it is MS Dynamics, Peoplesoft, Brightpearl, or SAP bot integration play a crucial role in process automation across all kinds of industries, organizations, or departments. The majority of ERP systems are designed in such a way that they depend on recurrence of events, static rules, and structured data. Their static setup does not allow the unstructured data to be processed automatically. Due to which a lot of users struggle with the complex user interface of ERP systems and end up spending a lot of time to operate it.

With the advancements in technology, many brands are in search of ERP chatbot development company to build ERP systems with AI power. Such AI-based ERP chatbots have become more prevalent in improving enterprise productivity in this modern age. An artificial intelligence-based chatbot when integrated with your ERP systems can process unstructured ERP data and simplify the exchange of information.

This is why more and more companies are choosing chatbot integration services to improve the complex (UX) user experience of ERP ecosystem and process massive data stored in the back-end systems. If you have not considered integrating your ERP system with chatbots, here are four solid reasons to do so.

1. Offers excellent customer service

An AI-driven ERP chatbot for customer service can understand the customer interaction in the work order management process. Also, it can understand and learn from previous reports and work orders stored in the back-end systems such as customer relationship management, financial management, and project management. Also, a chatbot acts as a tool to simplify data retrieval across systems at each and every stage of the sales cycle, whether the user has system expertise or not.

2. Provides end-to-end mobile access to ERP data

A mobile ERP client app gives mobile workforces (warehouse managers and salespeople) on-demand insights about resource planning. Yet it is quite difficult to retrieve data on the small screens of mobile devices, especially at freight depots or at customer sites. So, integrating a chatbot interface facilitates the ERP users to search for ERP data without human intervention from a single point.

3. Gives rapid access to business data

Another noteworthy benefit of integrating chatbots with an ERP solution is that it works as a seamless channel for employees to quickly access data for making business decisions. Instead of surfing through complicated visuals onscreen one after another for business data retrieval, with an ERP chatbot, users can make use of simple language or voice commands to access necessary data regarding the status of an order or the location of a product within the supply chain, factory, warehouse floor etc.
Even line workers or supervisors can access ERP data just by typing questions to a chatbot at any point in time. The ERP chatbot will also reduce the complexity for users who don’t have formal education or basic computer skills helping them to be productive.



4. Simplifies issue response and notification system

One of the best practices in today’s business world is the ability to adopt proactive techniques such as early warning, first alert, and more. Although, the user experience of issue alerting is a problem in every organization and industry. The implementation of chatbots to ERP will result in improved alerting, where recipients can interact with the alert from their PC or mobile device. For any issue of exception like late delivery, machine breakdown, report issues, inventory problems, or more, a chatbot can provide a rich alert experience where the receiver can also ask for more information and probable solutions just by interacting with the chatbot.
The final say
In the past, ERP software used to be indispensable for enterprises, but now chatbots for ERP are indispensable to make the user experience easy and efficient for users. Chatbot ERP systems integration makes ERP data accessible to the wide-ranging users and gives organizations a newfangled tool to respond effectually to system change or issues of day-to-day operations. To know how to leverage AI-powered ERP chatbot for your enterprise, talk to our experts.

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