Top Ideal places for indoor navigation systems Top Ideal places for indoor navigation systems

12 Places ideal for indoor navigation systems

12 Places ideal for indoor navigation systems
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Today, people can easily find their way towards their favorite coffee shops like Starbucks in a strange city, thanks to GPS (satellite-based navigation systems). But once they are inside the building premises, GPS cannot help. This is because GPS navigation cannot help in indoor location, and even more so in big premises like shopping malls or warehouses. Therefore, business owners need a robust solution that can help customers to navigate inside the building and attract their attention. As a result, indoor navigation systems were born, and they work precisely well inside buildings.

Why you require indoor navigation

Indoor navigation helps your customers in finding the correct location of the product or the place they want inside a building using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, magnetic fields or the information collected by sensors. It is a unique solution that can give your customers hassle-free services with highly accurate location maps inside a building.

Available indoor location-based services

Implementing indoor navigation is simple and fast. You just have to choose your preferred method to implement the solution. With any of the solutions given below, your customers can receive real-time information such as attractive special offers, or information about the events based on their location.

  • Wi-Fi-based indoor navigation
  • Bluetooth-based indoor navigation
  • Sensor-based indoor navigation
  • Indoor navigation using magnetic fields

How you can stay ahead of the market competition with indoor navigation solution

The goal of this solution is not just limited to one building. It is developed to fulfill the navigation needs of all the industries which want to use indoor positioning to provide quick information or promotional offers to their customers.

Here is the list of industries that can use indoor navigation system.


Retailers always look for a way to impress their customers and try to provide them with an exclusive shopping experience. The indoor navigation system offers new opportunities to the retail industry. It is a complete solution to reach the targeted customers and increase the number of visitors. Customers will be able to find the specific items in the quickest way that will positively improve their shopping experience and result in higher sales.

Key benefits:

  • Effective and quick ways across multiple stores for customers
  • Adverts, coupons or offers based on targeted audience, location and their search terms
  • Precise location-based services to deliver proximity marketing and way-finding feature
  • Provides user engagement and satisfaction to customers
  • Navigation and routing based on 3D map
  • Offers anti-theft protection using geofencing

Ideal retail locations for indoor navigation app

  • Stores
  • Shopping Malls
  • Supermarkets

Smart Office Navigation

In big office premises, many employees find it difficult to look for other employees. In order to save their valuable time, indoor navigation system is a hassle-free solution for the employers. With this solution, employees will be able to find their colleagues faster than ever using the office floor map. Additionally, they can also have a meeting room finder that helps them or their clients to find available meeting rooms.

Key benefits:

  • Convenient and efficient meeting room finder
  • User-friendly staff locator for employees
  • Visitor guide for clients or newcomers

Public Locations

Indoor navigation solution opens up possibilities to provide location-based services within popular public places. Indoor navigation helps organizers to build a platform that has modest features that everyone can use at the public locations. This solution will not only assist visitors with big building navigation but also offer them tour discounts, service points and tour guides.

Key benefits:

  • Provide search and direction information for amenities
  • Tracking of visitors through analytics
  • Assures that your visitors do not get lost
  • Provides up-selling opportunities by guiding visitors towards food courts or other key facilities
  • Promotional offers based on visitor search and location
  • Takes care of health & safety of visitors during their visit to the place

Ideal public locations for indoor navigation app

  • University campuses
  • Museums
  • Stadiums
  • Libraries
  • Laboratories


The indoor location tracking solution helps travelers navigate to airports, bus stations or railway stations using their mobile devices. It also guides them to the right place such as VIP lounges, information counters, baggage claim, boarding / disembarking gates etc. This solution also allows indoor retailers to send real-time coupons and offers to travelers based on their search and location.

Key benefits:

  • Help visitors with the quickest way to the location
  • The solution can track traffic flows and notifies travelers
  • With the complete tracking of staff, management can provide excellent services
  • The proximity marketing allows indoor retailers generate more revenue
  • Tracks high-value goods
  • Identifies the passenger flows and location of congested and crowded areas

Ideal transport locations for indoor navigation app

  • Airports
  • Bus stations
  • Railway stations
  • Service stations

In addition, the indoor navigation solution is also in demand for parking facilities. This solution can help people to find a free parking space in a faster way. It can also provide the location of the parked vehicle.

Indoor navigation is not limited to above-given industries but it can be used by anyone who has a huge space and they want their employees or customers to navigate towards the specific location.

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