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Many organizations recently went through a transformation with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic that became the biggest obstacle for business continuity. But amidst the crisis, the web and mobile app market witnessed significant growth. Several businesses realized the potential of offering their services online and switching business operations online became the norm to pull through the pandemic.

If you resonate with this situation, or if you are preparing to launch an application but still struggling to choose the framework, then Flutter may be the ideal choice for you to roll out a feature-rich application. In this blog post, we bring you the main advantages of why you should hire a Flutter developer.

Advantages of hiring a Flutter developer

Although Flutter released just a few years back, it is proving to be an incredible toolkit for developing apps on different platforms. It is recommended for growing enterprises to partner with a Flutter mobile app development company to benefit from a suite of Flutter services and not compromise on the quality and productivity of your Flutter apps. They can help you to deliver a unified experience, reducing the time and effort that most enterprises spend on mitigating risks and errors of UI and security inconsistency. Let’s have a look at some core reasons for opting for Flutter mobile app development company:

1. Develop applications quickly

Since Flutter is best for developing both Android and iOS cross-platform apps with a single code base, there is no need to repeatedly write codes to make the software run on various operating systems. Hence, it enables faster app creation and saves enormous time for the developer to work on the next steps of releasing the app.

2. Build your app at a lower cost

Building a native app can be an expensive deal for organizations, as developers are required to conduct multiple coding for disparate systems to create one application. Whereas, a single code base offered by Flutter can help you to build applications in lesser time that work flawlessly on multiple platforms, helping you to minimize app maintenance costs.

3. Leverage easy plugins 

Developers have a broad option of plugins when it comes to creating an application using the Flutter framework, which makes the entire process of app development more convenient, speedy and flawless. 

4. Reduce testing efforts

You don’t need to employ a developer to test app performance on two separate platforms when you are developing an app using Flutter. Only one version of the application needs to be tested by QA experts, so you devote lesser time to testing. 

You now know the core reasons of why you should hire Flutter app developers. Partnering with a leading Flutter app development company is a perfect choice for you to develop faster and efficient applications.

Knowing the core responsibilities of a Flutter developer

Design and develop apps – A Flutter developer can ensure you with consistent performance, from planning a timeline, designing the app and developing any complex application in lesser time as compared to native app development. They can also incorporate the essential features during development and predict possible bugs with their expertise.

Write clean code – A skilled Flutter developer is capable of writing a clean code that is readable and comprehensive. The clean code will allow for proper scaling of the app faster, enabling the development team to spend less time on how it operates.

Participate in development life-cycle – Building an app would involve a Flutter developer to work with UI/UX designers, QA engineers, project managers and others. Hence, in order to produce better results, an ideal Flutter developer is a must, one who has the ability to cooperate and collaborate with all members. Besides, they act as a specialist to help predict timeline estimates for project production.

Fix bugs – QA engineers conduct several tests to detect any bugs or malfunctions after finishing the production of each feature. Working with a well-versed Flutter developer can help you fix any issues as soon as they are detected during the testing phase.

Investigate technologies – The IT industry is evolving with continuous advancements and innovations that are being launched now and then. Thus, ideal Flutter developers can offer you their knowledge and creativeness to expand and improve your application design by integrating new tools.

Follow new trends – Continuous learning is obligatory for all developers. Flutter was initially released in 2017, but three major changes have been made to these frameworks. Therefore, a Flutter developer can help you with a bunch of updates for different platforms.

Take away

Flutter is introduced by Google and focuses on Dart language, so Flutter developers are familiar with the extensive features needed to build versatile applications that are equivalent to native apps.

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