Key reasons to consider Flutter app development

Top 6 reasons to consider Flutter for mobile app development

Top 6 reasons to consider Flutter for mobile app development
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In the mobile-driven era, businesses revolve around digital experience, giving rise to on-demand, web-based mobile applications. With the increase in the number of mobile users every year, entrepreneurs have realized the significance of mobile and web-based applications lately.

In fact, in line with the increasing popularity of browser-based apps, there has been an upsurge in the adoption of cross-platform web app development tools like Flutter worldwide. Flutter app development is one of those trends in the world that has remained unaffected by the COVID-19 outbreak and has assuredly gained momentum in this pandemic age.

Showing a 10% month-on-month growth from February to March this year, flutter is the second most leading language for developing cross-platform mobile apps in 2020. – Google Trends

If you are planning for a cross-platform app development but are grappling to find the answer to the below questions, then this blog post is for you.

  • Should I consider flutter for mobile app development?
  • Will flutter help my enterprise to take the business forward?
  • Will it be able to bridge the gap between quality and productivity?

Before jumping onto knowing why your enterprise should choose flutter for mobile app development, let us first know what flutter exactly is and what are some of its business benefits.

What is Flutter

Flutter is a modern mobile UI framework which was launched by Google in 2015 to help enterprises to craft superior, faster and more beautiful native applications and interfaces. It is a free, cross-platform mobile app development instrument that can empower you to attain full control over an entire rendering stack.

Putting it differently, we can say that the flutter is both at the same time:

A Software Development Kit (SDK): it is meant for designing high-quality, high performance, as well as high fidelity mobile apps for Android and iOS code using a single code base.

A UI framework for web-based apps: it is a collection of reusable UI components like buttons and menus that enables you to access UI elements as frequently as 60 times a second with actions like animations, swipe and transitions.

How Flutter can help developers in mobile app development

Flutter empowers developers to build high-scale applications with the most suitable typography, icons and scrolling behaviors. This UI software development kit uses Dart, C, Skia Graphic Engine and C++ languages. Dart – the secret sauce to great developer experience is Google’s in-house language.

Flutter app design

As flutter comes with a rich collection of prebuilt materials and Cupertino widgets, developers are not required to make widgets from scratch. However, it is easy to understand and utilize for every developer, be him/her a newbie or an old-timer.

Here’s how flutter can help both novice and advanced software developer:

New app developers – Flutter gives a fast, fun and modern way to deliver native apps to new app developers.

Experienced app developers – Flutter can be easily added to the existing workflows and tools, which enables experienced app developers to build new expressive UIs.

Here’s why you should consider migrating to Flutter for browser-based app development

Let us look at the top six reasons for choosing flutter app design services.

1. Test-driven development (TDD)

Flutter supports the test-driven development (TDD) approach that will enable you to develop prototypes as fast as possible and write a single but more efficient code. TDD in flutter will also allow you to think about which functions or features to test first.

2. Flexible and expressive UI

With flutter app development tool, you can have complete control over every pixel on the screen as it moves everything from animation, themes, widgets, gestures to rendering in a single framework. Thus, flutter can give you the flexibility to develop customized, animated app designs.

3. Cross-platform capabilities

Flutter is a single code-based framework that will allow you to create completely native, browser-based apps on multiple platforms. It will also give you access to every single Android API and iOS with a single code written that can be either deployed to any web browser or embedded in the browser.

4. Develop versatile web-based apps

Flutter has a set of built-in widgets that can help you to construct impressive web-based applications for different domains. Fashion and eCommerce, hospitality and food services, education, finance, entertainment, and tourism and travel are some of the industry domains adopting this advanced app development tool.

5. Smooth integration

Flutter smoothly integrates with different popular development tools, empowering you to get started quickly with the editor or IDE that you already are familiar with. Also, for automated app building and continuous testing, Flutter announced its new CI/CD system called Codemagic at the Flutter Live 2018 event.

6. Stateless hot reloading

Stateless hot reload in flutter enables you to experiment with the built UIs easily and quickly, add features and fix bugs within your code. It allows you to catch a sight of your code coming to life in less than a second, without losing the state of your app.

Who are using Flutter app development services

Flutter is used by businesses across industries to maintain visual consistency across different platforms like Google Play Store, Apple Store, Web browser, etc. Flutter can give you the ability to create appealing, customizable widgets.

Developers and enterprises, including startups, agencies, SMEs, and large organizations, worldwide are utilizing Flutter app development services due to the following benefits:

  • Reduces code development time
  • Enhances time-to-market speed
  • Augments app reach and best for MVP
  • Smooth animations and appealing designs

Even some of the blue-ribbon enterprises like Google Ads, eBay, Alibaba, Hamilton Music, Birch Finance, Tencent, Philips, etc. have included Flutter in their mobile app development process.

It is the right time to Flutter

If you are thriving to build dynamic feature-loaded apps for mobile, web and desktop using a single codebase with Flutter, get in touch with us. Our Flutter app development services can assist you to create advanced web apps and interfaces for cross-platforms seamlessly.

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