New and updated features of Sitecore XP 10.0 that drive digital culture New and updated features of Sitecore XP 10.0 that drive digital culture

New features of Sitecore XP 10.0 unlocked for marketing and IT team

New features of Sitecore XP 10.0 unlocked for marketing and IT team
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Digital technology is revolutionizing many industries, putting pressure on organizations to adopt new-age digital marketing strategies to gain a competitive edge. Marketers are increasingly investing in new technologies and enhancements to ensure their customer’s needs are met. The latest release of Sitecore – version XP 10.0 caters such organizations by providing new features that drive digital culture. It offers more development and deployment options, aligning your marketing and IT teams. In this blog post, we will walk you through the new and updated features of Sitecore XP 10.

Check out the new features of Sitecore XP 10.0

Sitecore containers

Sitecore XP 10.0 introduced containers using modern Docker and Kubernetes technology. Sitecore Containers support the rapid deployment of infrastructure-as-code that is more efficient for onboarding teams.


Sitecore XP 10.0 introduced an additional headless development method using the ASP.NET Core to enable your Sitecore developers to easily integrate other ASP.NET Core applications into your Sitecore platform for better flexibility and speed.

Editing experience

Sitecore Horizon is the new editing interface introduced in Sitecore XP 10.0. It’s designed to replace the existing Experience Editor while introducing support for larger multisite and multilingual instances with device-specific previews and analytics that provide real-time contextual insights.

Customer interaction data

Sitecore Experience Database is a cloud-ready big data repository of Sitecore XP. New audience analytics filters are introduced in 10.0 that allow for deeper insights for audience engagement and segmentation that help to drive more targeted personalization across all of your channels.

Marketing and personalization on Sitecore

Capabilities of enhanced reporting and analytics to drive more powerful personalization across all channels are introduced in Sitecore XP 10.0. Basically, it funnels all market segment reports to gain deeper insights into audience engagement and segmentation.



Managed cloud

Upgrading to 10.0 allows you to take advantage of Sitecore in a Managed Services environment on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This means easy deployment, minimized cost of infrastructure, greater flexibility, scalability and high availability.

Content hub integration

Integrate Sitecore Content Hub with Sitecore XP 10.0 to eliminate inefficiencies within your content production processes, gain control over the end-to-end content life-cycle and optimize content production and personalized delivery.

Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA)

Leverage the capabilities of SXA like drag-and-drop to empower faster time to value, creative exchange to reduce development cycles, headless delivery and governance in multisite, multilingual deployments. Also, this new version supports tighter integration between SXA and Horizon.

Marketing automation and SFMC

Sitecore Marketing Automation in Sitecore XP 10.0 can be now integrated directly with Salesforce Marketing Cloud in real-time, allowing marketers to enhance the single view of customer interaction to drive more effective omnichannel personalization.

EXM HTML templates

Sitecore XP 10.0 provides additional email template options for creating emails that speeds up targeted email generation and delivery to trigger campaigns.

Subscription model

Sitecore XP 10.0 features a subscription/cloud model to help you with a predictable budget over your contract terms. You can choose the number of production and non-production installations as needed and the ability to add users without hidden costs.

Features that adhere support for data protection

Sitecore 10.0 includes features that facilitate the enforcement and management of consent options as well as support the anonymization of personal information submitted through Sitecore Forms.

Core benefits of Sitecore XP 10.0

  • Sitecore XP 10.0 empowers marketers and IT teams to work together on managing, delivering and optimizing experiences with a powerful Database Experience Platform (DXP) using coordinated workflows.
  • Sitecore launched Sitecore AI to help marketers create personalized experiences by recognizing visitor patterns and enhance consumer segmentation. Moreover, the benefits also aid digital asset management (DAM).
  • Marketers can now gain a 360-degree view of the customer with the Sitecore Experience Database, allowing them to make decisions based on the data pulled from all channels.
  • With Sitecore 10, marketers can also analyze customers’ actions and implement triggers to provide them with relevant information that builds stronger relationships.

The final say

As marketing and business demands are gradually increasing, organizations need to equip themselves with personalized marketing and embrace today’s digital consumer culture. Sitecore XP 10.0 offers a strong foundation and a tightly integrated user experience to personalize marketing based on your audience’s interest across all channels. Get in touch with our experts and leverage our Sitecore development services to deliver personalized digital experiences.

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