How xamarin and azure services help you to develop enterprise apps How xamarin and azure services help you to develop enterprise apps

Revolutionize enterprise mobility with powerful suites of Xamarin and Azure services

Revolutionize enterprise mobility with  powerful suites of Xamarin and Azure services
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The adoption of cross-platform mobile applications is growing and organizations have to make sure that the application they develop must guarantee high performance and usability. This is why it is imperative to make regular updates and upgrades to keep up the pace with evolving business demands. However, updating a mobile application is not a cakewalk, it needs developers to write the updates, perform specific tests, get the application reviewed and upload it back on the app store.

Cloud-connected mobile applications would be the perfect solution as they facilitate developers with cloud computing capabilities that syncs additional upgrades of mobile applications better. The cloud-connected mobile apps created with Microsoft Xamarin and Azure services offer easier updates and app iterations as the app content is hosted on a centralized server.

Cloud-connected mobile apps are expected to drive almost 90% of the mobile traffic by 2019. – Cisco research

The cloud-powered mobile apps with Xamarin and Azure cloud services offer enterprises various benefits, such as no application downtime, easier app maintenance, automatic scalability, and the capability to respond to market changes rapidly and with ease.

Why develop mobile apps using Xamarin + Azure cloud services

Microsoft’s Xamarin is a tool to develop a cross-platform application that easily runs across multiple platforms. Also, Xamarin has a number of resources to simplify cross-platform mobile application development.

On the other hand, Microsoft Azure Cloud Services are helpful in deploying scalable and powerful applications as well as APIs. When Xamarin cross-platform applications are integrated with Azure Cloud Service building, testing and deploying apps and updating them becomes easier.



What are the advantages of using Azure services for Xamarin apps?

Ensures uninterrupted connectivity

Azure Cloud Services offer seamless connectivity with on-premises and cloud systems. Users can effortlessly connect to their apps without issues, irrespective of where they are.

Provides secured data storage

By using Azure Cloud Services, any type of data can be stored, regardless of whether they are files of data, structured data sets or data in the form of queries. Through standard SMB 2.1 protocol, they can share this data across virtual machines.

Offers a number of useful features

Microsoft Azure offers numerous noteworthy features such as user authentication, push notifications and offline data sync.

  • Easily access your app by adding a sign-in functionality into it with user authentication.
  • Send personalized messages to all your users with push notifications.
  • Enable users to access their app without a live internet connection with offline data sync.

Ability to scale the application

An app should be scalable in nature so that it can cater to sudden business demands. Traditional hosting models might not have the additional resources needed for running the application. Azure Services enable autoscaling for the app as and when required.

Ability to integrate tools and mobile SDKs

Xamarin can be integrated with different SDKs of mobile operating systems to develop feature-rich apps. You can also integrate Android GDK (glass development kit) with Xamarin Studio to create apps that offer amazing immersive experiences. Xamarin.Android supports modern devices such as Google Glass, Android Wear, Amazon Fire Phone, etc.

Implement mobile DevOps processes and systems

By integrating powerful mobile DevOps processes, tools, and systems, you can significantly decrease the go-to-market time of the application. Also, it is easy to enhance the efficiency and quality of your apps with Azure, Xamarin Test Cloud, Visual Studio, and HockeyApp.

The final say
The combination of Xamarin framework and Azure makes cloud-connected mobile app development faster for enterprises. They can deploy cloud-powered mobile apps with Xamarin and Azure without heavily investing in infrastructure demand, app user interface, mobile app maintenance, and more. If you are looking to build cloud-connected mobile apps with Xamarin and Azure services, then talk to our experts.

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