Top enterprise mobility trends to look out in 2020 Top enterprise mobility trends to look out in 2020

Top 5 enterprise mobility trends to look out in 2020

Top 5 enterprise mobility trends to look out in 2020
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The year 2020 has begun, and businesses are looking out for emerging trends that would allow them to innovate and maintain a competitive edge. Many organizations are gearing up towards understanding and adopting the latest enterprise mobility trends to scale their business growth. Let’s check out the top five enterprise mobility trends that enterprises can adopt this year.

BYOD model is still going strong

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – is one of the strongest trends that is expected to be prominent this year as well. This trend has been around for the past few years and it is leading enterprises to embrace the mobile-first approach. Most organizations are comfortable to adopt the BYOD approach as it provides flexibility, reduces IT expenses and enhances productivity.

“Mobile workers will account for nearly 75% of the total U.S. workforce by 2020.” – IDC

As more and more employees become tech-savvy, they get familiar with mobile devices for enterprise use. At the same time, companies cut their costs by allowing employees to use their mobile devices by helping them install customized apps that are strictly limited to work-related activities such as access to the work email account, create, edit, approve files or share private files with others. This helps employees with increased flexibility and the ability to work on the go, while the employer retains control over corporate data and software. BYOD trend is rolling through this year and is guaranteed to make a significant influence on the future landscape of enterprise mobility solutions.

5G is offering a promising future

5G has become a talk of the tech town and it is expected to be a hit. It is also believed that the arrival of 5G will revolutionize the mobile industry. Modern enterprises are looking forward to leveraging this technology, as it promises an increased speed of 10 Gbps for downloading and uploading over mobile networks by reducing the latency and offering stable network connections.

5G businesses will gain the power to transmit massive amounts of data rapidly, endorsing many new inventions like robotic telemedicine, immersive VR, self-driving cars and more. Furthermore, this trend will also lead the smartphone industry to create 5G-ready mobile devices, and we will see a high rise of gadgets and devices once 5G is launched.

Although the time-to-market of 5G networks is expected to be slow, it is advised that organizations should start preparing to adopt it. Better and faster internet connectivity will boost the performance of several enterprise mobility tools such as video-conferencing platforms, cloud computing systems for file storage and web collaboration tools. Also, it promises that remote work can be accomplished at a faster speed.

IoT revolution is ongoing

Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is a data-centric approach that is transforming businesses today by encouraging them to use connected devices. Here’s how it works: mechanical devices are provided with unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transfer data over a network. Further, with the help of cellular and wireless technologies data is gathered and monitored for better efficiency. Recently, we have witnessed many IoT solutions such as smart healthcare, smart factory, smart retail and many more developing at a steady pace.

Several sectors including manufacturing, healthcare, and others are using IoT mobility solutions to ease their business operations. In support, Gartner has stated that the number of network-connected devices in healthcare worldwide will grow to the US $25 billion by 2021. Now that’s humungous! Besides, IoT devices are already helping to generate innovative enterprise mobility solutions, providing a reasonable value proposition to businesses around the world.

Forbes has predicted that the industrial IoT (IIoT) market will reach $123 billion in 2021 with a CAGR of 7.3% by 2020. Therefore, enterprises are recommended to embrace IoT with open arms.



AI-powered virtual assistants are slowly gaining traction

Artificial intelligence (AI) based virtual assistants have become powerful tools for enterprise users. AI-powered virtual assistants are smarter compared to a traditional bot. They use natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to better understand human intent and communicate more naturally. One of the main advantages of integrating AI in virtual assistants is that it helps to manage several menial and routine tasks, thus, overall increasing employee productivity.

Moreover, with recent advancements, we now have voice-controlled personal assistants. Such developments of AI-powered voice assistants will further allow enterprises to achieve continuous improvement. Besides, when enterprises adopt intelligent virtual assistants, they allow an employee to devote their time to critical tasks.

Increased security is becoming crucial

Enterprise mobility has introduced a new working culture of mobile device management. Also, with mobile devices being the main target for phishing attacks, increased security has become the need of the hour. Moreover, changes in work locations, time zone barriers, and the need to access official data are resulting in increased demand for cloud services that require enhanced security to eliminate any data theft.

Enterprises must employ severe security measures to protect data that travels numerous mobile devices and other endpoints. Therefore, this year we will witness an increase in security advancements in the form of next-level innovative biometrics, improved facial recognition, no-scanning security measures and more.

The final thought

As enterprises focus on their 2020 vision, they must stay on top of these trends to foster enterprise mobility and digital transformation. For firms to navigate opportunities and invest in technologies that add value, it is important to partner with a reliable and experienced development company, both for the short as well as long term. Get in touch with us to discuss enterprise mobility challenges that you might be facing, and we will help you craft the solutions to address those issues.

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