How Azure IoT Suite will Revolutionize Oil, Gas and Mining Industries How Azure IoT Suite will Revolutionize Oil, Gas and Mining Industries

How Azure IoT Suite will revolutionize the Oil, Gas and Mining industries

How Azure IoT Suite will revolutionize the Oil, Gas and Mining industries
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The words of the revolution of every industry in the market are getting stronger day-by-day. The revolution is based on digital transformation of every industry. Oil, gas and mining industry are no exception in today’s scenario. The fluctuating costs of fuel and minerals, increasing demand of energy and uncompromising rules in supplying them, are some of the things that need special attention. Such organizations require a more versatile approach in order to remodel their business processes to gain new operational efficiencies. These industries are in pursuit of creating a modern and productive work environment. The motto of taking such measures is helping them to overcome situations like changing demographics, labor paucity and of course the budget.

The oil, gas and mining industry depends on their raw materials, equipment and machinery used to extract and transport these raw materials. In other words, the success of these companies depends on the regular monitoring of the assets and resources they have. Apart from these conventional requirements, the maintenance of resources and equipment also plays an important role in not just the progress of these companies but also in their very survival. This task was accomplished by the technology known as Azure IoT Suite.

Is there a way that can provide the balanced solution which can hold-up the profit ratio of the organization? What if I say, yes? What if I say that there is such a solution which can bring together the monitoring, maintenance and profit of the organization together?

Today, technology has taken over every sector of the market by creating an entirely new ecosystem around the opportunity to be explored. Internet of Things, or IoT as it is called, is supporting organizations in reinventing their productivity, business processes, customer engagement and mobility. Now here comes the fun part, the world’s largest software company -Microsoft, took the Internet of Things to the next level. They went through the blue-prints of this technology and allowed users to use it through their cloud service offering – Azure.

With Azure IoT Suite, the entire scenario of the oil, gas and mining industry has changed. The main benefit was seen in monitoring. Be it the drill at the oil rig or the location of a certain mineral several feet beneath the ground, all of these can be monitored from a remote location on the smartphone and –wait for it- in real-time.



The path was not always easy:

  • Maintenance: Azure was not an easy beast to tame initially. The maintenance drained out major technical resources. Assets like engineers and system administrators had to be deployed in order to maintain the hassle free functioning of the cloud.
  • Cost: Since there were a large amount of assets used to just maintain the cloud, it was natural that the cost of running and maintaining was also quite high.
  • Security: The prime concern was to make the cloud safe and secure from the data breaches in the initial days of cloud computing. After all, the name and reputation of the company was on the line along with the precious data of their clients.

However, Microsoft lived up to the expectations by overcoming the challenges and making Azure as one of the best and safest clouds in the industry.

How it is helping the oil, gas and mining industry:

  • Data backup and disaster recovery: Any oil rig is always prone to disasters. Any machine or equipment failure can result in catastrophe at the extraction platform. Azure IoT Suite helps them to analyze the functioning of every machine by providing the ability to analyze real-time data. This data can be used to analyze, predict and avoid any mishap prior to its occurrence. Despite taking every precaution, even if the rig still gets struck by a stroke of bad luck, the data can be recovered easily from the cloud.
  • Time saving: With the help of Azure IoT Suite, major time required for gathering information to develop and maintain a mining site can be eliminated. Contractors can collect the data prior to digging and can share it with their supervisor easily in real-time. This saved time can be utilized in moving the excavated product to the refinery. Be it the evaluation of a prospect site or monitoring of an established site, all of this can be achieved in less time as compared to conventional methodologies.
  • Predictive Maintenance: This feature facilitates the industry with an integrated network. This network allows the organization to monitor every asset and every aspect of the operation in the field. Issues like wear and tear of equipment, repairs of the machinery, status of the resources and availability of logistics can easily be predicted. Predictive maintenance allows avoiding any major mishap to happen on the excavation point.
  • Cost Benefits: With Azure IoT Suite, the expenditures consumed in developing and maintaining the site gets remarkably reduced. The minimum down-time because of prompt replacement or repair of the equipment results in a better bottom-line. All these factors reduce the consumed time and result in higher productivity and help to generate a significant profit margin.

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