Transform your Office into a Smarter Workplace with Automatic room booking system

How an automatic room booking system can transform your office into a smarter workplace

How an automatic room booking system can transform your office into a smarter workplace
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Busy meeting rooms, availability ignorance, employee engagement and long waiting queues for conference rooms are some of the challenges faced by employees of every organization, whether it is a startup, a small or medium sized business or large enterprises. This ultimately creates an adverse impact on employee efficiency and work productivity. With an intention to make meeting room booking easier and conference room scheduling simpler, we at Softweb Solutions have developed the Softweb Smart Office Solution.

Smart Office Solution – What is it?

Our Smart Office Solution can help you manage your workplace in a smarter way. It works well with devices like Apple TV, iPad, iPhone and Amazon Echo, making it simple to book a meeting room from virtually anywhere. Through this automatic room booking system, you will get all the information about meeting rooms like availability, purpose of the current meeting, name of the employee who created it, completion time and the floor maps. Moreover, it also displays the schedule of the conference room for the entire day.

How the Softweb Smart Office Solution works

As the name suggests, the primary function of this meeting room booking system is to book meeting rooms in a hassle-free manner to save time and increase efficiency. This easy-to-use system is extremely simple to operate.
When you open your iPad app, it gives you two options and you can choose one of the two as per your requirements; whether you want to book the room now or later.
When you are far away from the meeting room and you want to book it, it lets you choose amenities you want in the room, the number of attendees and duration. It shows you the rooms along with the availability.
If you are already near the room, you can just walk in the room and the beacons will detect your presence. All you have to do is choose the duration and begin with your meeting.
The iPad at the door displays the status of the room; available, booked or in use.
You can manage everything from the backend with the web app hosted on the Azure cloud server which is updated in real time to add rooms, send maintenance notifications or send a message to users.
Check out our video to learn how it works

Softweb Smart Office Solution – The three components

1. Sensors
Different sensors perform different functions. So, the sensor technology can be leveraged to power offices for smarter management. We install sensors like motion, vibration, beacons and door in the office as per the requirements so that it captures the data and makes optimum use of resources in a smarter way. This will ultimately help you make the best use of the office space as well as save time, energy and efforts.
2. IoT
The Internet of Things is integral to our Smart Office Solution. It is used to connect the sensors, mobile devices and transfer data between them via the Internet. All of this results in a smart building management system.
3. Cloud
Data collected by the sensors is passed on the cloud and the cloud based platform creates, stores and delivers reports regarding the office space utilization and other occupancy related metrics so that the decision makers can access it from anywhere at any time.



What you can do using the Softweb Smart Office Solution

1. Check availability and book the meeting the room instantly
Our smart meeting room booking system lets you keep an eye on each and every meeting room in your office from your mobile screen. It helps you check the availability of the rooms along with the amenities you might require during the meeting such as projector, laptop, speakers, Apple TV, white board, pen, stapler, pin, etc. You can quickly check employee status and book a meeting room along with the required amenities in advance.
2. Invite connections
Once you book the meeting room, you can easily send the invitation to your colleagues or team members to attend the meeting or seminar. Add people you want to attend the meeting and send them invitation from your mobile phone itself. Also, it lets you check attendees of the meeting.
3. Find location
The system lets you find an employee or meeting room in the office premises and guides you through the path by giving directions through pop ups on your phone so that you can reach your destination quickly.
4. Share documents
If there are any documents that you want every attendee to have before the meeting starts, you can share it easily through this automatic room booking system. You can share presentations, PDFs, videos and other documents easily through your mobile phone.
5. Manage multiple locations
You can manage multiple offices and employees in each of them by just by swiping your fingers on your mobile screen. So, track your workforce across multiple offices in a smarter way by using this smart solution.
6. Calendar integration:
The Smart Office Solution also has calendar integration in order to let users check the schedule of their colleagues. This lets the user schedule meetings based on the availability of other employees. The feature is available to all the users on their mobile phone.
7. Office 365 integration:
Office 365 is integrated with the Smart Office Solution, which means that when you change your schedule i.e. reschedule a meeting or cancel it, it will reflect in your MS Outlook calendar and vice versa.

Advanced Features of the Softweb Smart Office Solution

1. Amazon Echo integration
The Amazon Echo integration with our Smart Office Solution helps you get your work done with extra ease and quicker than ever. You can now check availability of a meeting room, book it and inform your team about the same just by asking ‘Alexa’ to do it.
2. Predictive analytics and smart occupancy
This automated room booking system uses the smart technology to overcome office occupancy challenges with the real-time analytics reports to empower decision-making abilities. You can get accurate analytics and make optimum utilization of office space using your smartphone. The other features are:

  • Generate a heat map for future occupancy patterns using historical data.
  • Know which areas remain highly occupied or vacant.
  • Know the peak hours for all the meeting rooms by hour, day or week.
  • Get meeting room availability alerts and space utilization reports on your phone.

3. Smart parking
The smart parking feature of our Smart Office Solution requires the usage of beacons, sensors, cameras and vehicle counting equipment to determine parking occupancy so that people don’t have to waste their time in finding a parking space. It gives an idea to drivers about the free space available to park vehicles.
4. Apple TV app
The Smart Office Solution can also work with the Apple TV through a dedicated app for that platform. The app offers the following capabilities:

  • Current floor map view
  • Room usage details
  • Bird-eye view of the floor map
  • Calendar view

To summarize, our meeting room booking system is the best way to know the availability of meeting rooms and book them quickly and easily. This saves a lot of time and increases employee efficiency, ultimately enhancing work productivity.
Softweb Smart Office transforms your office into a smarter workplace. Its intuitive interface makes it even easier to use and helps you with efficient office space utilization. To manage office space and time in a smarter way for better results, start using Softweb Smart Office Solution.

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