How government agencies are leveraging Power BI in the time of crisis

Power BI in government agency
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What was your new year’s resolution before the pandemic struck the whole world? Halfway through the year, the universal motto for the year 2020 is staying alert, staying at home, and staying safe. As the world is pretty much shut down due to coronavirus, the governments of all the countries are trying out innovative ways to help their citizens. Sharing accurate information on the current situation and providing necessary medical aid in the affected areas have become the utmost priorities for governments today.

In this need of the hour, different technological advancements have helped businesses, government agencies, and individuals to not only stay connected but also fight the situation together (while maintaining social distancing). One such tool offered by Microsoft, Power BI, has proved to have helped several government bodies in various ways. Power BI dashboards for government operations help officials as well as citizens to get a clear view of the existing scenario and prepare them to better manage the situation.

Firstly, let’s have a brief understanding of what exactly Power BI has to offer.

Power BI capabilities

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence tool that allows you to transform data into comprehensive visuals for insight-driven decision-making. With the Power BI dashboard, you can access and share information in real-time anywhere, at any time. Its unique analytics capabilities not only enable businesses to get in-depth insights on their operations but also help government offices during times of global crisis.

Enabling Power BI services for government agencies

During a challenging time when the whole world is at a standstill, the surge in the demand for medical care is obvious. However, healthcare services are not the only things that citizens need to be provided with. It is important to share information to enable the right decision-making strategies for governments and for citizens to prevent them from being overwhelmed.

With the Power BI toolkit, governments can quickly publish updated information regarding the current scenario of respective affected areas. For government agencies, both Power BI Desktop and Power BI Publish to Web capability prove to be a boon as data tracking and information sharing tools.

Case Study

Real-time data transformed into insightful reports and visualizations through Power BI

Softweb Solutions helped Bartz Viviano Flowers & Gifts Inc to implement Microsoft Power BI and created dashboards that provide the insights and real-time self-services capabilities


Enabling frontline workers

Power BI can also be used by healthcare providers for assessing symptoms. With automated screening, healthcare practitioners can get alerts and notifications regarding their patients. Leveraging the unique capability of Power BI to connect, import and share data from disparate sources, hospitals, and designated test labs can share test results of patients to offer them instant access to care.

With Power BI, doctors and other medical staff can get a 360-degree view of their emergency supplies. Taking an example of the current COVID-19 scenario, interactive Power BI dashboards provide real-time visibility into critical resources like available beds and other supplies such as ventilators and masks. Frontline workers can access information regarding their fast-exhausting inventories via their mobile phones at any time to make quick decisions regarding sourcing and better managing such scarce resources. Moreover, pharmaceutical companies can leverage the Power BI desktop to support frontline workers to stay productive and keep them updated on the availability of medicines and critical supplies.

Using Power BI to share crucial information with communities

Power BI reporting enables citizens with factual data visualization to better understand and be prepared for the situation ahead. Power BI dashboard can present communities with information like:

  • Confirmed cases
  • Total casualties
  • Total recovered
  • Areas affected the most
  • Green zone areas with no cases

The report mentioned below is an in-depth visualization of the COVID-19 scenario created by Softweb Solutions:

For the current scenario, with detailed information visualized in Power BI dashboards, people can find the number of active cases and the curve showing the progression of the virus in a particular area, city, or state population. Also, citizens can get detailed demographics of those affected and stay alerted if they fall under the same demographics.

Use of Power BI in local government agencies:

  • Microsoft is working with USAFacts to make it easy for citizens to access the data provided by USAFacts through a Power BI report.
  • The Victorian Department of Health & Human Services in south-eastern Australia is using Azure and Power BI to quickly create reports to share their local information.
  • In India, Govt. of Punjab rolled out COVA, an app for its citizen that offers real-time information on COVID-19.

Tackling the crisis with Power BI

Currently, government agencies and non-profit organizations are handling large amounts of dynamic data. Many of them are already leveraging Power BI to share insights on COVID-19 with communities. With easy-to-understand maps and dashboards, governments can provide detailed information on the current situation to avoid panic in the public.

To know more about how Power BI provides communities with seamless data intelligence and visualization, you can contact our Power BI experts.

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