Developing smart reporting and analytics solution for dairy industry Developing smart reporting and analytics solution for dairy industry

Customer Background

GEA Farm Technologies is a leading manufacturer of integrated product solutions and animal-hygiene products. They have a vast client base in distinct parts of the world. Their products and application solutions have a high demand in the market. The client’s Total System Solutions integrate everything from the design and planning of their entire dairy facilities to the business concepts of the dairy herd and farm management.


  • Industry

    Dairy farming

  • Technologies / Platforms / Frameworks

    iOS, SQLite Manager, AWS Cloud, C#, .NET


Dairy farming includes several processes like milk collection, transportation, clarification, homogenization, pasteurization, etc. Apart from these, record keeping also plays a crucial role in maintaining the efficiency of the dairy farming industry. Companies that deal in dairy farming have to maintain various records containing details about different operational processes daily.

GEA Farm Technologies faced challenges in maintaining all its records manually. So, they wanted a mobile app to eliminate the paperwork and enable their workforce to digitally record all the information about in-route service, milking procedures evaluation and other practices at different dairies step-by-step. This would help their experts evaluate the quality of milk and dairy products efficiently.


Our mobile app developers analyzed all the business processes of GEA Farm Technologies and understood their requirements. We developed an app with a massive database, including different forms to enter information about various processes separately.

We built an app embedded with advanced features to help them analyze data better by generating various reports based on their requirements. The app can store information, and their experts can access it whenever required. Also, their employees can enter information even when they do not have internet connectivity and synchronize it with the server whenever they are online.

Moreover, all the experts can view the data record of a dairy collected by other experts in the past, helping them to analyze better. The app also incorporates easy data sharing options so that their experts can easily share reports with managers and other authorities.

The solution helps them to:

  • Store data for all the dairies and access information whenever required
  • Record the necessary information and derive a relevant analytical report instantly
  • Send instant e-mails containing the latest information about different dairies
  • Generate instant reports
  • Share reports with the manager and others via the application

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