Flex-based solution for remote access of ABB's products

Customer Background

ABB is a multinational company mainly dealing with power and automation technologies. It is the world’s largest builder of electric grids. The company has several product lines, including the popular TotalFlow range, that deliver pre-configured solutions to the natural gas industry for measuring and automating the process using remote control technologies.


  • Industry


  • Technologies / Platforms / Frameworks

    MVC, ASP


The company was facing challenges such as a lack of user productivity, poor product accessibility and no database system for storage and retrieval of data. They wanted a software solution that could give their engineers remote access to the ABB products on the client side. The client wanted to activate and calibrate the ABB products installed at the client’s location to improve productivity at an agile pace to increase ROI.


Understanding the benefits of dynamic software development, our team of app developers collaborated with the company to offer a best-in-class solution. Our client gave us detailed information on what their business goals were and the technical capabilities they were looking for in the solution. Our team developed a Flex-based solution for ABB’s customers to get ABB TotalFlow products up and running quickly. Also, our solution, TotalFlow Measurement and Control Systems, gives ABB engineers the ability to remotely access the product catalog.


  • Facilitates flow measurement and control experience
  • Helps ABB cut down on installation costs and service levels
  • Availability of system on the intranet for employees’ access
  • Different IP numbers for each of the ABB XSeries device solution
  • 35%

    Growth in user engagement

  • 45%

    Rise in sales

  • 25%

    Reduction in costs

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