How remote access solution reduced operational costs for ABB

ABB sells its TotalFlow products across the world and needs to be able to activate and calibrate them while cutting down on installation costs. Softweb delivered a remote access solution using the Flex framework to cut down on installation time and costs savings.

  • Remote calibration and setup
  • Flex framework
  • Intranet
  • Measure and control system
  • Cost-effective

App modernization for a leading management consulting company

The client is a leading management consulting firm wanting to modernize its legacy app built on the Microsoft ASP.NET 4.5 framework. Softweb Solutions .NET experts created an app modernization solution that helped the client to:

  • Get real-time insights
  • Enhance driver productivity
  • Scale the app
  • Reduce business costs

EMKAY made its fleet smart using our mobility solutions

Read this portfolio to know how Softweb Solutions empowered EMKAY’s, the second oldest fleet management company in the United States, vehicle management technology. Learn how our mobility solutions support EMKAY’s real-time truckload pick-up and delivery solution and the following:

  • Increased productivity by reducing truck empty travel distances
  • Performance optimization by eliminating late completion times
  • Responsive solution to logistics demand, traffic and more

Reduced business downtime with RPA implementation for a banking firm

We built an RPA solution for client from the finance industry to allow them to swiftly scan documents to identify gaps or inconsistencies.

  • Extract application data
  • Flag missing documents
  • Classify documents for future use
  • Validate key data points
  • Route workflow automation

Built a responsive online presence for a great shopping experience

Our WooCommerce developers helped the client to build a responsive online storefront using WooCommerce capabilities to help them sell their DJ accessories and apparel.

  • Transparency and ease of navigation
  • A fully manageable homepage
  • Increased e-commerce conversion rate

Automating order and inventory management with RPA integration

The client is a retailer based in the US. The company operated manually to update the logistics and stock data of their products. Our UiPath RPA integration in the client’s product catalog offers them the following benefits:

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Get accurate reports
  • Achieve workflow efficiency
  • Automated product updates

Handling fleet management smartly to simplify reporting

Softweb Solutions developed a lightweight fleet reporting web and mobile application using the Angular framework.

  • Track workflows of team members and respective clients
  • Features to manage the fleet from a remote location
  • A single portal to monitor fleet operations
  • Schedule analytics reports using Power BI

How e-commerce portal boosted fashion resale platform’s sales

America’s most trusted fashion resale player, Fashionphile, approached Softweb Solutions to expand its customer reach and increase sales. The company sells products of 65+ luxury brands like David Yurman, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Versace, etc. We delivered an e-commerce site with many features including,

  • Custom extensions that check if SKU is valid, respecting PoS
  • Stock stays synchronized with the PoS database
  • Implemented different modules for making webstore management easy

Streamlining software delivery through a flexible and agile DevOps model

Our experts at Softweb Solutions created software that resides on the device to translate and communicate data using the DevOps approach.

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Minimum deployment errors
  • Identifies and resolves bugs faster
  • Increased product delivery speed
  • Improved collaboration

Data reporting with RPA for seamless accounts process automation

Softweb Solutions developed accounting software integrated into a web application to automate and share their data reporting with RPA.

  • Data accuracy
  • Report automation
  • Accessibility of information