Built a custom mobile app for a real-estate client

We built a cross-platform mobile app using the Flutter framework for a better user interface.

  • Cross-platform functionalities to update property details in real-time
  • Auto-sync capability to update the information of properties
  • Ability to carry out move-in/move-out property formalities
  • Permissible app control modes for improved security

How Magento 2 empowered a designer jewelry company

London Jewelers with its unparalleled collection of fine jewelry and timepieces, wanted to explore an omnichannel growth plan. Our designers and skilled Magento web developers converted client’s ambitions into a path to value. We developed a

  • Customized Magento website
  • Added 30+ extensions and
  • Enabled third-party services to call Magento web APIs

Built innovative CMS portal for a fumigation service provider

A fumigation service providing company needed a system to manage multiple departments efficiently and ensure smooth functioning. Softweb Solutions built a portal for them using microservices applications and created modules as separate apps.

  • Create and process new leads
  • Record measurements of fumigation areas
  • Report and quote generation
  • Franchisee management
  • Create and send invoices to clients

Renovating banking and finance operations with app modernization

We transformed their existing IT infrastructure and made their business efficient. Churn prediction, sentiment analysis and customer segmentation are some of the functionalities we added by leveraging AI and ML models. Some significant challenges that our client wanted to solve were:

  • Upgrade their age-old source code and do legacy SOA integration
  • Streamline documentation and create an uninterrupted data flow
  • Incorporate new features and do data mining

Securing financial transactions with intermediate servers

Our client is a financial services provider that helps companies easily collect donation amounts. They faced challenges while securely communicating financial data to the respective payment processor. Softweb Solutions offered intermediate servers as a bridge between their payment systems and processors. We also provided them with a web app called Project Athena for efficiently tracking sales orders and gaining insights about their devices.

  • Secure transactions
  • Streamlined sales process
  • Visibility into each order
  • Reduced declined transaction rates
  • Microservices for effective database maintenance