Mobile application development for a retailer Mobile application development for a retailer

Customer Background

ShopperTrak, headquartered in Chicago, is a global leader in customer insights. The firm has been offering intelligent solutions to retailers to count and benchmark their footfall since 1993. The company has installed around 70,000 units for over 750 global brands across 90 countries, making them a leading provider of information on shoppers’ movements in retail environments.


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ShopperTrak was looking for an in-store beacon-based marketing and advertising solution for casinos, resorts and malls. Since location is crucial in influencing consumer behavior, ShopperTrak wanted to provide its clients with a beacon and proximity-based mobile engagement platform. The platform should enable them to deliver more relevant and contextual messages to shoppers.

Additionally, ShopperTrak wanted to allow its client to go beyond brick-and-mortar and offer an improved digital experience to the shoppers using state-of-the-art technologies. The goal was to boost engagement with hyper-targeted messages and promotions, monitor in-store activity, increase dwell time and eventually increase sales.

ShopperTrak had the following concerns:

  • Inefficient sales activities
  • Conversion and transaction size
  • Difficulties in leveraging traffic insights
  • Unable to deliver personal touch
  • Lack of identifying new growth opportunities

After a productive conversation with their executives, we concluded that conversion optimization is an excellent way of achieving their business objectives. Hence, we decided to use MongoDB for retailers to measure sales empowered with data analytics and digital commerce capabilities.


From people-counting devices at store entrances to location-based monitoring, every retailer wants a comprehensive picture of the shopper’s in-store journey and behavior. Considering these aspects of ShopperTrak, our team developed a mobile application with MongoDB. MongoDB for retail allowed ShopperTrak to escape its monolithic, siloed data structures and modernize its data analytics and digital commerce.

Our mobile app represents the idea of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) engagement. The app contains portable tracking and an event management SDK for communicating with the beacons installed at multiple locations in the mall. That’s how it merges in-store shopping with mobile access to measure and improve sales.

We also created a website with a CMS and unique SDK, which we linked with the mobile app. It enables ShopperTrak’s clients to manage campaigns and update contextual messaging and offers. Shop owners now use MongoDB as a retail solution to provide interactive, highly relevant offers and messages based on the location and dwell time of the visitors.

Furthermore, we developed real-time reporting, measuring traffic and sales information in real-time across ShopperTrak’s network of stores. The shoppers’ data gets refreshed every 15 minutes to help retailers quickly access their store performance and take action to adjust strategies, making it a cost-effective method for ShopperTrak to handle its data needs.


  • Effective understanding of customer conversion
  • Deep and accurate insights into consumer behavior
  • Boosted sales through a superior customer experience
  • Improved in-store sales and expanded total sales opportunities
  • Store performance optimization at the city, region, or country level
  • Real-time analytics measuring, benchmarking and producing informed decisions

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