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Customer Background

Our client is a leading staffing and recruitment company with over 25 years of industry expertise. They help organizations unlock the full potential of their workforce and create sustainable value. With a deep understanding of talent acquisition dynamics, our client delivers tailored solutions to diverse sectors.

  • Industry

    Recruitment and staffing industry

  • Technologies / Platforms / Frameworks

    Generative AI, Cognitive services, Power Platform


As a recruitment and staffing company, our client faced a set of unique challenges in talent acquisition that needed immediate attention. These challenges had a direct impact on their ability to identify and secure the best-fit candidates for their clients.

The list of challenges included –

  • High volumes of resumes: Our client struggled with managing a large influx of resumes. It was time-consuming and overwhelming for their hiring teams to review each one manually.
  • Identifying specialized skills: Finding candidates with the specific skills required by various industries posed a significant challenge, requiring a more efficient and accurate method of skill identification.
  • Mitigating unconscious bias: Unconscious bias during the candidate evaluation process could lead to unfair outcomes and compromise diversity and inclusivity, necessitating a solution that promotes fairness and equal opportunities.
  • Ensuring efficient evaluation processes: Inconsistent evaluation processes resulted in inefficiencies and subjective decision-making, hindering the selection of the most suitable candidates.
  • Repetitive candidate inquiries: Candidates often had frequent questions throughout the application process, resulting in repetitive inquiries that needed manual responses, causing delays and inefficiencies.
  • Limited skill development opportunities: Rejected candidates were not provided with personalized feedback or guidance for skill development, limiting their potential for future opportunities.

They were urgently seeking a transformative solution to overcome these critical challenges, enhance their hiring process efficiency and secure top talent swiftly in an intensely competitive market.


At Softweb Solutions, we take a consultative approach to prioritize open communication and a deep understanding of our client’s requirements to ensure a seamless and successful implementation, leading to improved recruitment outcomes and overall organizational success. Our experts designed and developed a Gen AI-based resume pre-screening solution, ensuring that our clients receive a tailored solution that meets their specific needs to acquire talent.

  • Automated resume analysis: Our solution employs generative AI to analyze resumes in real-time, extracting key information such as skills, experience and qualifications. By automating this process, we significantly reduce the time and effort required for manual resume screening, allowing hiring teams to focus on strategic decision-making and candidate engagement.
  • Skill matching: Leveraging cognitive services, our solution goes beyond keyword matching. It understands the context and relevance of skills, enabling precise skill matching between candidates and job requirements. This ensures that only the most qualified candidates who possess the necessary skills are identified, saving time and enhancing candidate selection quality.
  • Unbiased evaluation: We recognize the importance of fair and unbiased evaluation in the recruitment process. Our generative AI-enabled resume pre-screening solution removes human bias, evaluating candidates solely based on their qualifications and suitability for the role. This ensures a level playing field for all candidates, fostering diversity and inclusivity in the hiring process.
  • Customizable workflows: We believe in empowering organizations to have control over their hiring processes. With Power Platform, our solution provides customizable workflows that can be tailored to align with our client’s unique needs and preferences. From defining evaluation criteria to setting up automated notifications and integrations, our solution adapts to the way our clients work, creating efficient and consistent evaluation processes.
  • Interactive Q/A chatbot: Enhance candidate engagement and experience with an intelligent chatbot that provides instant responses, answers common questions and guides applicants through the application process.
  • Skill development recommendations: Empower rejected candidates with personalized skill development recommendations in response emails, promoting continuous improvement and increasing their future career prospects.
  • 40%

    faster candidate

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  • 90%

    less decision-making

  • 25%

    recruitment cost

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