Custom magento 2 eCommerce portal for a retailer

Customer Background

Sarah Davis, a fashionista, started the online fashion resale platform to expand women’s luxury purse collections. Fashionphile, from its inception in 1999, has consistently grown by 50% year-on-year. Maintaining high-quality authentication and providing best-in-class shopping experiences are the company’s business philosophies.

To offer superior customer experiences and streamline workflows, Fashionphile looked into emerging technologies like AI, ML, IoT and cloud-based CRM, ERP, HCM, HPM, or treasury applications.


  • Industry


  • Technologies / Platforms / Frameworks

    Magento 2, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Bootstrap


With over 350 million products listed on, selling online is becoming increasingly competitive. Hence, sellers’ ability to orchestrate verbal and visual stimuli (i.e., design elements) on product pages to effectively convert page visitors into buyers is critical.

In a crowded resale market, Fashionphile wanted a webstore that makes luxury item shopping seamless, easy and more affordable than their competitors’ offers. The company was looking to enhance its user base, by maintaining its existing audience while pushing them to buy more. Hence, upselling was a vital feature in the client’s e-commerce solution.

The biggest challenge was keeping the e-commerce product listing page simple so product information could shine. It was difficult to create e-commerce product page that helps customers make more informed and distraction-free buying decisions.


Amongst all open-source e-commerce platforms, we recommended Magento 2 for several reasons. A user-centric, responsive and customized storefront emphasizing brand identity is essential for any webstore. Magento 2 can extend the core functionality through third-party extensions and custom development.

Based on this, our UI/UX team redesigned the Magento template to keep the store consistent with the brand identity. We implemented several modules to automate the payment gateway and shipment integration with their shipping partners. We also integrated FedEx and USPS APIs.

Considering Fashionphile’s focus on luxury resale, our Magento developers decided to make the product search process extremely simple. Shorter product search time improves user experience and offers better results in marketing campaigns, allowing any webstore to boost sales quickly. Consequently, we used product labels extension for Magento 2.

Overall, we built a comprehensive e-commerce portal fulfilling Fashionphile’s requirements. We delivered eBay integration solutions that offer different functionalities, including mirroring the site’s inventory to eBay, managing purchases, shipping, automated feedback and nonpayment reminders. In all, using PHP, we delivered a first-rate eCommerce portal that is attractive, user-friendly, and search-oriented.


  • Effective user management
  • Improved brand awareness
  • Better customer engagement
  • Versatile content management
  • Mobile-friendly configuration
  • Seamless product search

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