DevOps implementation for finance service provider DevOps implementation for finance service provider

Customer Background

DoubleCheck is a financial service provider located in the US. It offers solutions to address banking issues like outdated overdraft practices that burden customers, small businesses and financial institutions. The company helps to generate new organic revenue sources for their customers.


  • Industry


  • Technologies / Platforms / Frameworks

    Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Vue.js, JavaScript


The company was facing challenges while catering to the needs of credit unions. The task demanded easy access to information, quick decision-making and the highest level of security. DoubleCheck’s existing systems and databases needed an upgrade. They wanted better integration, agility and scalability. Some of the issues that our client faced were:

  • Slow IT operations
  • Hampered productivity
  • Unable to handle a large volume of data
  • Increased vulnerability to risks like cyber security threats
  • Multi-tenant customization and compatibility issues
  • Troubleshooting and debugging difficulties

The company faced difficulties with multi-tenancy; and failed to scale their capabilities due to lack of technical knowledge. Also, they needed experts to resolve issues related to email notifications, payment reminders and Okta authentication.


At Softweb Solutions, we understand that several factors drive the architecture simplification process. In the process, we evaluated the clients’ existing systems to understand their business needs. Our team of experts got insights into their app transformation needs and offered DevOps solutions while recommending a more modern design for server-side architecture. By implementing Kubernetes, we helped the company to improve DevOps efficiency for a microservices architecture.

Our engineers created, prioritized and sequenced their backlog processes with our expertise in complex system integration, web and microservices.

  • Cloud migration: Our team of experts executed a seamless transition for our client from Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to Azure. Our approach involved a meticulous analysis of their existing infrastructure and applications to develop a customized migration strategy. We carefully orchestrated the transfer of data, services, and applications to Azure, ensuring minimal disruption and downtime for the client’s operations.
  • Architecture rebuilding: Our quality analysts delivered a thorough analysis to ensure the systems are up and running without any errors. Our solution architects built an architecture that supports the transformation of their business landscape. We also enabled data modernization by moving data to modern databases for better scalability.
  • DevOps: With our DevOps services and solutions, we offered automation in CI/CD pipelines. Moreover, we solved bugs in their code and helped them to accelerate deployments as well as maintenance.
  • Product development transformation: By leveraging industry-best practices, meticulous planning, and thorough assessments, we delivered superior applications to cater to evolving consumer demands.


  • Quickly and efficiently adapt to changing market conditions
  • Reduced downtime
  • Decreased IT maintenance costs
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Agility and flexibility in development and deployment

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