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Zuna – A Sales Order App, Product Catalog App for iPad

In a time when everything is expected to be available anytime and anywhere, mobile sales apps are a must-have for any business to showcase their services or product offerings. We introduce you to Zuna – a cloud-based mobile solution that eliminates the need to code or design a mobile application. This platform permits businesses to create their own product and sales mobile application without having to rely on coders and designers to do it for them.
In the absence of Zuna, the whole cycle of mobile application development becomes complex and time-consuming. But with Zuna, the same process can be done within a few hours, consequently saving you a heck of a lot of money and making you more productive than ever.
Users can create a customized mobile sales app with Zuna by picking the templates and designs that best suits them. They can also display all the product-related details to their customers using the app. Zuna can manage order and quote generation, display related products based on the product selected by the customer, help businesses in expanding their client base and thus expand their business by allowing them to reach anywhere and everywhere.

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