Why is Alfresco ECM the Perfect Choice for Enterprises

Why is Alfresco ECM the right choice for enterprises

Why is Alfresco ECM the right choice for enterprises
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Most companies are facing overarching business challenges- unstructured information or often handling too much paper that becomes an obstacle when trying to store or access the information. And therefore, it’s vital to have a formalized means of storing and organizing critical business information—be it documents or other content—that closely relate to the company’s processes.

Today, enterprises need a strategic enterprise content management (ECM) solution to unite capture, workflow, records and document management, search and archiving as well as applications and add-ons like email, auto-classification, eDiscovery, document management and contract management.

Take control of your enterprise ecosystem of information and knowledge assets with Alfresco

Alfresco provides enterprises a modern, strategic platform—Hybrid enterprise content management (ECM)—that addresses the often conflicting requirements of both IT and users. Alfresco enables companies to manage critical information in the on-premise environments/ hybrid cloud that will define enterprise IT in the coming years.

“Secure, customizable and incredibly user-friendly, Alfresco is simply the smarter way to deploy ECM.”

Here are some of the most common challenges- if not all- that enterprises face today. See how ECM can help you address the content management challenges.

Keep track of all your information

Storing documents securely, retrieving them as needed and linking content with the associated accounts is a big challenge for organizations. The ECM eliminates paperwork and helps organizations keep critical documents well organized while allowing for complete document lifecycle management.

Increase employee productivity

Prior to implementing an enterprise content management system, moving with paper from one department to another was a common practice. Retrieving and faxing (sharing) the file was also very time consuming. The implementation of ECM in an organization eliminates the paperwork and therefore empowers your employees to do more than push paper.

Regulatory compliance

Keeping track of important documents has become very crucial with the increasing levels of compliance regulations. A well-thought-out ECM solution can ease the minds and simplify audits and other compliance requirements.

Dealing with different document versioning

Gone are those days when losing control over critical documents was one of the most common issues. Alfresco’s enterprise content management solution provides document management and version control with offline synchronization capabilities plus it ensures that everyone accesses the most up-to-date version of the document.

Speed up your business process

How your information moves through your organization determines the success and the stability of an organization. Alfresco ECM streamlines your business processes and helps your enterprise fulfill regulatory requirements.

Why Alfresco ECM is the best choice for enterprise

  • Low Cost
  • Easy-to-Deploy and Maintain
  • Higher Security
  • Rich Add-ons from Community
  • Compatibility

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