Tech support ticket system for manufacturing companies

Tech support ticketing system – making customer care easy for manufacturing companies

Tech support ticketing system - making customer care easy for manufacturing companies
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The conventional workflow of technical support in manufacturing industry undergoes quick reforms; especially in the face of wide spread globalization. A company having multiple locations across the globe is the new normal now. This makes things more complex as it calls for much efficient operational options to cater to new emerging markets with ever improving customer care. There needs to be a robust, well organized system to connect the company and the buyers efficiently, and undoubtedly, there is a new wave of technologies which makes sure that the entire customer care support of the manufacturer is never compromised.

Storing the process knowledge from various departments centrally in an electronic form makes the manufacturing unit function effectively. To manage better communication among the whole manufacturing process, the modern helpdesk systems are proven to be worthy of adapting. Better interdepartmental communications take place when the organizational performance is optimized. With the adoption of a smart ticketing solution, manufacturing company can ensure better and faster customer support, reduced operational costs, reduced employee training time and also organizing and tracking customer service requests quickly. Moreover, distributed customer service management allows each department within the company to engage their own support process with much better insight.

Deploying technical support solution at various organizational levels is necessary as it improves vendor management, and also ensures quick response time to outstanding issues. The support engineers can track and respond to customer service requests quickly as well as efficiently. The managers and the upper management can easily monitor and manage organizational resources. Let’s look at the most important aspects of a ticketing system, here are the highlights:

Managing all customer accounts from one central location

A competent tech support ticketing system should include a contact management solution. This will manage all customer accounts from one central location. This is truly an amazing solution to automate customer service, vendor communications, long lasting relations, and stay ahead of the competition. This helps the support personnel to track all customer information which is more comprehensive in nature. The customer details are just a mouse click away and the support engineer can have instant visibility to all support interactions of any customer so far.

How a self-service portal would enhance the quality of manufacturing tech support?

A self-service portal is nothing but a sturdy platform which enables 24×7 access to customer service. Moreover, it can reduce the workload of the helpdesk staff. The auto-suggestion feature looks extremely promising for those who log into the customer portal because they have their solution right at their computer whenever and wherever they require it. This ensures ultimate freedom to the customers as they can create, monitor, close, or reopen a ticket. The manufacturing helpdesk admin can decide what and how much information regarding product or process they should give away to the customers on the portal.

What is the role of computer telephony integration in tech support ticketing system?

We can identify that this is one of the most vital parts of a supporting system as it integrates well with computers and telecom instruments to respond to calls effortlessly. This can leave a long-lasting impression on customers as the response time is seemingly short. The call answering features or call routing can make the entire process smooth. The customer now feels that they are just a phone call away from their problems.

This feature is a blessing for helpdesk personnel because when there is a call, it comes with caller information which makes the support staffs life easy. The entire helpdesk become super-efficient and productive and saves their time from unproductive or repetitive tasks.

The knowledge base ensures there is effective sharing of knowledge

Knowledge base is a part of any efficient tech support ticketing system. This provides searchable KB solutions to the support technicians right away. When they have immediate access to the knowledge they need, and that too quickly they can have it which makes the entire customer care service process look unbeatable. Also, the solution allows the end users to have knowledge base access to a certain limit which leads to reduced amount of logged in tickets.

For manufacturing companies, to get the maximum benefits from helpdesk software, it requires specific features and integration to ERP system. Companies that empower their helpdesk and support operations with the right tools will achieve impressive cost savings, awesome customer support delivery, reduced time, workflow improvements, and improved communication. A tech support ticketing system allows companies to achieve this and at the same time provides new opportunities to continuously improve processes keeping everyone in the process contented.

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