Softweb Solutions launches Golang and Flutter development services Softweb Solutions launches Golang and Flutter development services

Softweb Solutions

Softweb Solutions expands its IT services portfolio by launching Golang and Flutter development services

September 28, 2020, Dallas, TX – Softweb Solutions Inc. (An Avnet Company) expands its IT portfolio by launching services on Google’s latest development stack, Go and Flutter, for enterprise systems and mobile devices respectively.

The company took the step of introducing Golang development services along with Flutter, to respond to the rapidly evolving market needs and to help organizations better serve their customers in these changing times.

With a heavy reliance on information, interactions and speed-to-market, companies have had to adapt to newer technologies, which optimize the use of various tools and provide unique customer experiences. The importance of presenting, sharing and accessing this information has shifted the spotlight to connected applications, where frontend interfaces and backend architectures have become the norm for every type of business.

Golang, often called Go, is an open source programming language that eases software design and enables companies to create effective, efficient, secure and reliable software. Having overseen numerous Golang projects, Softweb Solutions’ team of Golang development experts have worked on creating a variety of software. 

Flutter is a UI toolkit from Google that helps in creating mobile applications across all the major platforms, which are natively compiled using a single codebase. Softweb’s mobile team has created numerous native as well as cross-platform applications over the years, so adding Flutter development services to the company’s repertoire was the next logical step.

The move enables Softweb Solutions to assist their clients in building robust applications across wider domains as well as tap into the global reach of smartphones. Through Google’s Go and Flutter development offerings, Softweb Solutions can provide a systematic, end-to-end approach for creating reliable, effective, powerful and integrated solutions to their customers for enterprise system and mobile devices.

About Softweb Solutions
Softweb Solutions Inc. is an Avnet company with offices in Chicago, Dallas and Ahmedabad. We deliver best-of-breed enterprise software development, cloud services, system integrations and IT systems maintenance to various industries with applications ranging from IoT, AI and data practices. Over 14 years of experience with startups to Fortune 100 companies has given us the proficiency to offer strategy, design, engineering solutions, and R&D services.

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