Softweb Solutions launches Smart Office Solution for a Smarter Workplace

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Softweb Solutions Inc. announced its Smart Office Solution for small, medium, and big enterprise businesses by implementing sensors, Internet, and Cloud technology to develop and create a smart working culture in the workplace.

Ripal Vyas, President of Softweb Solutions, took this pioneering step to plunge into the latest yet fast growing innovative technology- Internet of Things (IoT). After a couple of months in deep research and experiments with different types of sensors, beacons, and devices, the company’s software architects and developers came-up with a smart solution for creating a smarter workplace. Softweb successfully managed different processes into smart and mobile management system through interactive features.
With the help of the following link you can have a glimpse on how Softweb Solutions got initiated with this emerging technology.

However, Softweb’s sensor based technology makes it really simple, fast, and convenient to create and manage a smarter workplace. Softweb focused on developing an agile, anonymous, autonomous solution for creating a smarter workplace with easy access to the users. Following are main features of the Softweb Smart Office solution enabling a smarter, networked, and efficient workplace.

  • Check availability and book meeting room/facility straight from your mobile.
  • Invite connections- add employees/connections and send invitation to all from your mobile.
  • Easily share required documents- PDFs, video, Word files or whatever documents you need for the presentation.
  • Easily navigate inside the office premises simply by following directions on the map to the locations.
  • Manage offices on multi-locations and track your workforce on YOUR mobile.
  • Check for available facilities and schedule your monthly calendar in advance to manage your tasks accordingly.
  • Park your vehicle in a smarter parking system inside your office parking lot.

The advantages of transforming to an advanced office with connected networks:

  • Better quality control and predictive maintenance using Business Intelligence (BI) tools.
  • Mobile management system for monitoring different offices at multiple locations.

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