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Ahmedabad, India – March 13, 2018 – Softweb Solutions conducted a workshop on chatbots and artificial intelligence at the Ahmedabad Management Association on March 10.
With an incredible response from the audience in terms of active participation and interaction with the speakers, the event noted its success. The speakers of the event were Rohan Shroff, Ahmed Zubair, and Ankit Zaveri, who talked on topics like evolution of technology, requirements to develop chatbot, types of AI, and various business cases. Casper, a chatbot developed especially for the event, accompanied the speakers to guide the attendees with the workshop and enchanted them by sharing some interesting trivia related to these technologies.
Audience engagement was the highlight of the event since the beginning of the workshop. With queries, inputs, sharing ideas and experiences, the attendees were enthusiastic about interacting with the speakers and knowing more about the technologies.

While busting myths about chatbots, the audience had vivid inputs on the same.
“It’s not easy to build chatbots. A chatbot built easily will have limited functionality”, said a tech enthusiast from the audience.
“In case if the chatbot can’t solve the query of the user, there should be an option to get connected to a human for further assistance instead of just a default reply that says sorry, I can’t understand”, asserted another tech enthusiast associated with banking sector.
While discussing whether chatbots are more time consuming, a business person from the audience prompted that it actually saves 4 minutes on an average. He also pointed that this fact was delivered to the audience by Casper.
Softweb Solutions also demonstrated chatbots that it has built for its clients. This included: enterprise bots, customer care chatbot, pizza ordering bot, and Alan bot platform. The audience was actively participating while chatting with the pizza ordering bot, selecting toppings and sides for their order. Of course, they knew they were not getting the pizza for real.
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