How Sitecore’s ML will help enterprises to automate marketing processes

Sitecore’s machine learning capabilities every marketer should know about

Sitecore's machine learning capabilities every marketer should know about
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In our previous Sitecore blog posts, we have covered the major features introduced in the new Sitecore XP 9 version. Sitecore has undoubtedly become the most popular solution when we think of digital marketing. The new advancements introduced in Sitecore 9.1 have brought enterprises a step closer to experiencing the power of machine learning (ML) in digital marketing.

Enterprises can look forward to delivering AI-driven customer experiences using Sitecore 9.1, as it uses ML capabilities to provide omnichannel customer behavior and to generate deeper insights and experience automated personalization at every level.

Machine Learning – The power behind automated processes

Enterprises often struggle to identify the right marketing insights that will help them meet their marketing objectives in order to drive their business growth. Sitecore’s ML can help to address such issues that are related to marketing activities.

Machine learning can help enterprises to manage tedious data-crunching processes that are often faced by marketers. Sitecore’s ML will help you automate your marketing processes by replacing human predictions with pattern recognition and at the same time help you discover new patterns, groups, segments, and behaviors of your customers. For instance, instead of identifying an image and tagging objects with the help of human guidance, machine learning can actually perform this task smartly using pattern recognition capability and in fact get smarter with it day by day.
Let’s see the two major Sitecore 9 machine learning modules in detail:

Cortex – the mind in the marketing machine

Cortex is a Sitecore intelligent marketing assistant that is built with the power of machine learning, mainly to provide contextual insights into every purchase. Cortex easily helps integrate content and eCommerce features so customers can get a rich experience before, during and after every purchase, and it even enables an omnichannel distribution strategy.

There are a number of features hosted with Sitecore Cortex. Here are some of the awesome features organizations can leverage such as analyzing and predicting your customer’s journey and their experiences, profiling your customers based on their purchase patterns.
Cortex seeks to take good advantage of the data that is collected in your database and provides your enterprise with the ability to automate your content based on authoring and marketing workflows to generate intelligent insights with the help of machine learning and rich behavioral data.

Sitecore Cortex combines machine learning algorithms and a processing engine to enable customer experience. It is also the best tool that offers content tagging to improve SEO results and ROI and provide recommendations for optimization. This data can be further used to engage with customers using real-time personalization or simply export the data to your enterprise’s intelligence platform for further insight.

xConnect – the collection and search of experience data

Sitecore’s xConnect provides a powerful set of APIs and services that allow an organization’s database to easily exchange data with various internal and external data sources, such as an enterprise’s ERP, CRM, or third-party applications. For instance, Sitecore offers connectors to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. By using these integrations and seamless data exchanges between systems, enterprises can get a 360-degree view of their customers. Additionally, the machine learning aspect also helps us with an increased volume of data providing deeper analysis and better insights.

xConnect also offers an easier way to pull data from all channels and external business systems, as well as exporting data externally. xConnect uses a machine learning algorithm that has the capability to read, write, or search database data. It will abstract the underlying database and offer a consistent, standard, structured way to interact with the data.

Here are some of the advantages of how xConnect can be very desirable for enterprises to support their marketing activities. Enterprises can pull CRM data, such as name, email, preferences or transactional history from the database and this content can be further used to personalize content, promote specific calls to action or segment email lists. Secondly, you can capture physical as well as digital behavior of your customers. For instance, utilizing beacon technology to capture customer’s physical interaction near your store. Further, you can also export such behavioral data into a centralized database which can be further used to create effective marketing dashboards in Power BI, Tableau or other BI tools.

Sitecore 9.1 deeply understands the marketing contexts and takes care of various complexities that are often associated with enterprise’s objectives and solution. Are you ready to experience machine learning capabilities for some awesome digital marketing experiences? Allow us to help you with the right approach, get in touch with our experts and learn how you can benefit with Sitecore 9.1.

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